10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

10 Ways to Hack A Samsung Phone Lock Code

More than 10 ways to hack a Samsung phone lock code

Samsung is popularly known Smartphone and millions of users are using this OS in daily routine life. The reason behind the popularity is the high-end specifications and effective camera. It is essential to protect the phone with the pattern or passcode from illegal users. Various methods are there of locking android OS but what if you forget lock screen password. It isn’t so easy to break the lock of the device and get access to it without filling the correct password. If you are facing such problems and want to know how to hack Samsung phone lock code, read out this article.

More than 10 ways to hack a Samsung phone lock code

More than 10 ways to hack a Samsung phone lock code

XySpy – The best method of hacking Samsung phone lock code

XySpy no doubt is the best and highly effective monitoring tool for hacking the target person device. This hacking tool is having a greater ability to hacking iOS and android operating system. There is about 6000 android OS that is supported by it. Here in this amazing hacking app, you will find the big collection of the hacking features that is simple, user-friendly and highly effective.

Why this app is highly recommended

  • Web monitoring- This feature of the app allows the hacker to view all the activities conducted by the target on his or her device web browser. It tracks everything as sites visited and content downloaded.
  • Access live location GPS location tracking is very much easier with this tracking tool. A hacker can easily do the hacking of the live location of the target person remotely. Just hit on this feature and everything you will know,
  • Calls spy Spying on calls is also important for hacker so this feature spy on all types of calls like made, received, deleted, ignored, missed with date, time, location.
  • Text messages This will let you know all the messaging done on IM app or simply on phone directly with date, time, location, content, contact info, etc.

Website – (https://xyspy.com)

Other ways to do so

Google login

Forgetting a lock screen code is the worst experience that no one wants to face. Forgetting password is the ordinary occurrences. If you are facing such troubles and don’t know to can you track passcode then instead of getting anxious, try this technique of breaking lock code. Just make use of Google login details registered on the Samsung device.

Find my phone

Find my phone is the location tracking service that is positioned on al Samsung OS. Getting involved with this one can remotely hack the phone if lost or misplaced. This is the best way of finding the live location of the device in a few hits. Find my mobile is the integrated in all Samsung OS from the budget range OS to the premium range Samsung OS. The device has to be connected to the Wi-Fi or cellular data network to get the benefits of it.

ISkysoft Toolbox

It is an integrated module and the main aim of this app is to remove lock from the android OS in simple shots. Doesn’t matter the type of phone you have, with this app you can easily remove the phone lock code from any phone running on Android OS. Any kind of screen lock can easily be removed using it.

Custom recovery

It is a system tool that is used for managing the system tool. Every android device model is having own recovery image on the internet. You will find many custom recoveries that are making mobile management convenient and easier. There are several custom recovery projects available like CWM and TWRP etc. To install it you have to unlock the device boot loader. It will void the device warranty so it isn’t recommended. Special computer skill is needed for installing it on the device.

Android device manager

It is the location tracking service developed by Google Inc. This service is developed for Android OS and working of it is same as other tools. But this one is available for all devices that run on Android OS. It is helpful in case you lost the device. This service is free of costs.

Forgot Pattern

It works the same as that of the others. Hacking Samsung phone lock code using the forget pattern option is built-in one for unlocking the device. A user fills in Google account for removing lock screen code. It will work only when signed in Google account on Samsung that is locked.

Android SDK

Android SDK is a tool that is used in the development of the android app. Removing the lock code is possible with it. Ranges of functions are available in it and a complete package is developed for android developers by android. A need for extraordinary computer skills is there for using it.

Factory reset

This solution isn’t for you if want to save the data including messages, apps, photos, videos, etc. Factory resetting is the best way of bypassing the android lock screen. Almost all the device is having the factory reset option that permits a user in removing everything from the phone and making it the brand new device. In this process, you will be losing the data from the device. This will work in many scenarios.

Safe Mode

In many cases, people are using third-party applications for unlocking the mobile device. If you are having one of those then it will be possible for you in bypassing the lock. Safe mode is the special booting mode in the android that is used for fixing the software and hardware problem. The main aim of this is to block the third-party applications from the device and provide you the clean and light mobile experience.

Crashing lock screen UI

There on a Samsung phone is the critical bug that is running on android 5.1.1 or 5.0. Getting engaged with it, you can do the bypassing of the lock screen by crashing it through asterisks. This technique won’t work if your phone is running on the android version on 2.3 or a greater one. This is a lifesaving technique and if you forget the password and would like to know how can you hack Samsung phone lock code. In this technique, you need to copy-paste an asterisk sign as long as you could.

Bypassing Samsung phone lock coder using mSpy

This tool is developed for the parents and employers for keeping eye on their respective target person. If you feel that your partner is cheating then you can make use of this tracking app. The tool is developed for iOS and Android OS for protecting the kids and others from dangerous online threats like pornography, online bullying, etc. It is the best way to hack the Samsung device of the target person without letting him know. You will find the ranges of features that are helpful when you are willing to keep an eye on the target person.  There is all android and iOS OS supported by this tracking app. You only need to install the app to access this wizard. Visit its home site to avail the service at reasonably priced costing.

Changing security setting when calling

It is another bug on the older Samsung device that is running on the outdated version of android. It is a critical problem in the older Samsung device but is useful if having such a mobile phone. In this technique, you can easily do the hacking of the Samsung phone lock code by changing the security setting at the time of calling.


So these are the best ways to hack Samsung phone lock code easily.


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