10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages

10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages

10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages

10 Ways to Use Spy Text Apps to Read Text Messages

Get best 10 Ways to Spy Text Messages using spy apps

Most parents today due to lack of knowledge are unable to control their kid’s activity. However, there are some parents who control their child’s activity easily and stop them from going on the wrong path! So, how to control your kid’s activity? You might be thinking this and would want to know the ways to control kids. To control your kid first you need to have control on their phone. The phone is the reason why kids of today are not listening to their parents and doing whatever they want.

Get best 10 Ways to Spy Text Messages using spy apps

Get best 10 Ways to Spy Text Messages using spy apps

Hence, gets control of your kid’s phone using the spyware. This spyware extracts the information from your kid’s phone and lets you know what they are doing. Kid’s today are not obeying their parents as they are busy playing or do chatting on their phone. They don’t sit with parents and try learning new things instead they prefer to listen to music or play video games. If you want to control your kid then monitor your kid’s first!

Here, in this article, we have given 10 ways to hack the target phone and read his/ her text messages. You can read this article and get to know how you can read text messages of your kid. Reading text messages of your kid you will come to know who is spoiling your kid and how to get them back on the correct path.

10 spy apps to hack the target phone text messages-

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

Top most spy software is the XySpy app and it is also top rated. All the review until now are good for this software and using it is no harm. There is a guarantee that you will get 100% satisfaction while using this software. You will be able to read all the text messages and get every detail of the victim. You can see the location of the victim’s phone and also, you can record calls. There are many features which can be used to get information related to the target phone.

Some software does not provide customer support service, however, the XySpy offers 24×7 hour support service. The support team is friendly and helps you whenever you are in need of help. There is also no need to be fear being detected by the target person. Thus, you can sit back in your car or sit at home and monitor kids.

#2 NetSpy

#2 NetSpy

#2 NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

NetSpy is an application made with the purpose of monitoring over iPhone devices. It supports IOS devices and allows you to read the target text messages without any problem. There is no requirement of jailbreak or rooting of the device so as to spy it. There is only need of downloading this software in your phone and then making the user account so as to operate it. You can read the IM chats, text messages, social media chats, email chats, etc. there is a number of features for you to utilize and control the target device.

If you want to make a recording of the phone calls, video calls or conference calls of target device then you can do it as well. There is also a feature which can be used to record the password of the victim’s phone.

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy

#3 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

People in a relationship don’t trust their partner as they are lying to them continuously. TheTruthSpy find the truth by collecting information from the target phone and sending it to the user. The text messages can be spied using it and you will come to know the truth hidden in the target phone. Parents and employers use this software too. The procedure to utilize it, however, is different than the other spy app. To make use of this software you had to follow some simple steps. The first step is to download in your phone then download it in victim’s phone.

It will get installed instantly and then you need to log in to control as well as monitor the target device. There is a large number of features and easy functions available to use it. You can look at TheTruthSpy user guide and start using it!

#4 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

This is a spyware with quite simple features also; the process to use is it is quite simple. There is a need for the internet connection to perform the task of downloading and spying. You need to make registration and then log in to use it. Then you can fill target device details and see his/her text messages on your phone.

Using the AppSpy, you can hack WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS text, instant messenger text. Also, you can spy on web history, contact history etc. these are some simple features you can enjoy and you need to make a subscription to make use of these features.

#5 GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

It is possible to spy on text messages, IM chats and other messages using GuestSpy. It collects the full chat from the target phone and delivers it to you. this app is not free so, you need to pick up the packages which are having good features and fits your budgets and then you need to make payment and finally you can spy on the target phone. The phone you spy using GuestSpy can be any (android or IOS) there is no restriction on compatibility and works with every device.

#6 mSpy

Website: https://www.mspy.com

You can use this software but the problem is that there you require rooting and jailbreak the device. However, there is a guarantee that you can see all the activity of a person using this app and also there is a guarantee that data you will receive will be 100% accurate. There is no risk to the user’s privacy and there is no need to be worried about the virus. This app is not at all a malicious app and it is workable.

#7 FlexiSpy

Website: https://www.flexispy.com

This is a Spy App which you can easily avail from play store or any store. It runs smoothly on android device and hacks the text messages, calls, and other functions of the target app. The features packages are cheap and so the customers who have low budget can make use of this software. They will be satisfied with its features and functioning as it functions very smoothly.

To download and install this app you can go to its site and click on download option. After opening the app you are directed to a page where you can log in and start spying the target phone.

#8 Spyzie

Website: https://www.spyzie.com

This is another simple yet useful spyware which contains the number of features. There is no need of download or installation of the Spyzie. it can be used from its site or link. There you have to click on the link given on site which will direct you to the login page and you can fill details of the target person and start spying.

This is a good spyware for one who wishes to spy on the text messages. The chats of the phone are collected which can be viewed from the control panel of the user. There is no need to keep eye on the phone 24x 7 but you can see it anytime you are free.

#9 Highster Mobile

Website: https://highstermobile.com

This application is good for the parents to use and there are not many features available for use but still the available features are enough to collect necessary information from the target phone. There is a need for installation of the software on the victim’s phone and users phone so as to start using it. You can save the collected data and there is not much space consumed by this software. This software is of less space and hidden so the target phone cannot identify it.

#10 SpyAdvice

Website: https://spyadvice.com

You cannot get the professional spying experience using this software like in SpyAdvice app but it can be used to spy on the text messages. There are not many features but you can spy on the calls, photos, videos, and audios, also you can check the location. Thus, it is fun to use this app and get the information about the target phone using your android or the iPhone.


This was brief knowledge on Spy Apps and the list of spy apps you can use any of these apps. All works well and all of them are affordable. There is no risk and no harm for your device and the victim device. It is easy to make use of the Spy Apps instead of going with the traditional process of spying on someone. In this way, you get the full control of the target device you are able to stop them from getting the wrong hand and doing the wrong things. Your family remains safe and secure if you make use of such apps.

Now, that you had read this article we want you to go to https://xyspy.com. Here, you will be able to download the XySpy app and take this app. if you find it good then it is recommended to use it for spying and controlling kids. Also, employers can spy workers, clients, and their competitors.


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