13 Best iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable

13 Best iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable

13 Best iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable

13 Best iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable

Everybody has a phone today if you are looking to know something secret about someone or feel like they are hiding a secret from you the best bet to know it is to track their phone and chances are in most of the time you will eventually come to know about it. Phone tracking is an excellent and perhaps easy and productive way to look after what your children are up to when you are at work or even tracking your spouses and find out whether really there is any truth to any suspicious feelings one might be having about infidelity. Hacking these days is at the end of the day a very simple process and there are a number of hacking apps available on the market to assist you in the process.

Here are 13 Best iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable

Here are 13 Best iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable

Here are 13 Best iPhone Spy Apps Undetectable

If you are new into this, online sites like this articles will help you understand the entirety of the process. There is a very huge upsurge of the need of these hacking apps and they come even with parental controls and other different options. These 13 iPhone spy apps are user-friendly and relatively easy to install. Do note though the jailbreak is something you might have to do for most of these apps.

iPhone Spy Applications that don’t need jailbreak are the following:

iPhone Spy Applications that don't need jailbreak

iPhone Spy Applications that don’t need jailbreak

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com/iphone-spy-software/

TheTruthSpy, one of the very popular apps is excellent for parents looking to monitor their children while they are at work. TheTruthSpy application will keep you keep a track of almost every activity including WhatsApp messages, browsing history, iMessage, contacts, photos, videos and a variety of other options that might be of importance, note though it does not track Facebook messenger. The good thing about it is you don’t need to jailbreak just setting up an account and verifying the apple id will do the job, so it is a very useable application for employers looking to monitor their employees during the work hours.

#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy

#2 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net/free-iphone-spy/

AppSpy is another popular application that doesn’t need the jailbreak on iPhone, the problem with that though is it comes with a limited number of tracking options with browser history, call logs, SMS, Events, and Notes. You need to have a valid Apple ID of the tracked phone to use the application without the jailbreak option.

#3 XySpy

#3 XySpy

#3 XySpy

The XySpy has gained some serious appreciation in the tech world with its very user-friendly and set up options. It can track a wide range of content including multimedia, online messages, browsing history and a variety of other options. It is an excellent tracking app for parents looking to monitor their children or employers monitoring their employees during the work hours, just set up an account install the software and you are good to go.

#4 XnSpy

Website: https://xnspy.com

The great thing about this particular application is the price. It has a very affordable cheap price and works at a very fast rate including it allows you to keep track of even the deleted data of the tracked phone. You will be able to keep track of every photo, videos, contact, and phone logs and every other social media message.

#5 NetSpy

Website: https://www.netspy.net

This application is specially designed for parents looking to keep a tap on their children. It can track up to 7 family members at a time and will give updates about the constant location and even alerts if your child goes out of the ‘safe zone’ areas. The application is gaining very wide popularity with its affordable price.

#6 Phone Tracker for iPhone

Website: https://phonetracking.net

The phone tracker for iPhone is a free application if you are looking to track only one phone. It will keep you updates on the tracked phone’s different location in the past 24 hours. If you are only tracking a single phone say of your child this is one of the best applications out there.

#7 SpyVid

Website: https://www.appdecide.com/app/ios/spyvid/398952707/

SpyVid is the product of what you can say our modern intensifying intellectual inventions. This app will allow you to record videos in secret while you can pretend to do other things on your phone for up to an hour. It has excellent low light working recording and can come very handy for journalistic and other spying purposes.

If you want to know more about these applications and you will be able to choose the perfection application according to your need.

This list of iPhone Spy applications though requires jailbreaks are excellent applications to spy if you are having doubts about your partner’s loyalty:

List of iPhone Spy applications though requires jailbreaks

List of iPhone Spy applications though requires jailbreaks

#8 MobiStealth iPhone Spy App

Website: https://www.mobistealth.com

The MobiStealth iPhone Spy App comes in with a wide variety of tried and tested features. The live recording of the live surrounding of the tracked phone contact list information are a few of the wide variety of range that it offers, remember though it does require jailbreaking. You will get every update once after the purchase of the app.

#9 SpyEra

Website: https://spyera.com

The SpyEra application will give you access to a wide range of features including you will be able to keep track of every WhatsApp texts social media texts Snapchat and contact information and browsing history. This app will let you keep track of every happening thus eventually you will get to know if there is any infidelity on your partner’s part. The live location tracking is also a very important feature and you will be able to listen and record every incoming and outgoing of the tracked phone.

#10 HighsterMobile

Website: https://highstermobile.com

The HighsterMobile application is one of the most widely praised and recommended apps on different technical platforms. It allows you to listen every incoming and outgoing from the tracked phone have access to the camera and gallery and every social media text, browsing history, contacts information, different mail information, the very private access to the different part and features of the phone. It allows the user to uninstall the app remotely in case of any problems and has only a one-time payable price.

#11 FlexiSpy

Website: https://www.flexispy.com

The most common application you will probably hear about, FlexiSpy comes in with a wide range of variations and features with over 150 different options. It has great value for money and will provide unlimited access to live message reading phone call tracking every browsing history, WhatsApp texts, Facebook, Twitter activities, photos galleries videos and is very easy to use. Its wide range of feature makes it one of the most used application software.

#12 Mobile Spy for iPhone

Website: http://mobile-spy.com

This application will help you keep track of every activity of the tracked phone. You will be able to be notified about every activity on your spouse’s phone or the tracked phone. This application will give total free without any hindrance access to every detail including phone calls live tracking of the locations the different social media text Snapchat and mail messages contact information and video. You will have access to all the information without getting caught. It has the added advantage of tracking gambling apps so if you are into a little bit of gambling and want to ensure your partner has a bit of an urge for it too then this is the perfect application for you. Remember though it requires the jailbreak on the phone you want to track.

#13 GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

The GuestSpy is a relatively cheap user-friendly application that has a variety of a bit more advanced features. It records live WhatsApp texts and other instant messengers, along with it you will be able to look through all of the photo galleries, the phone logs, and contact information. The good thing about apps like these is if you are having doubts about your partner instead of just thinking and digging a bigger hole you are able to do something about it on a very productive basis.


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