2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

2 Ways to Track A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

Two Easy Ways to Track or hack A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

There has been a far-reaching revolution taken place in the communication network, its demand, and convention. For decades, the use of the basic telephone was one of the dominating equipment for the communication. Telephone at that time was considered as a giant artifact for people who had a telephone connection and what society does is to deliberate those people as high-status family. But, when you look in the current era, you will probably notice that every class and income group people have smartphones and have enough potential to get an internet connection. The Internet is considered an affordable moderate that empowers people to have entertainment, do business and communicate with one another worldwide.

Two Easy Ways to Track or hack A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

Two Easy Ways to Track or hack A Cell Phone without Them Knowing

Well, the everyday involvement of people with the internet is making the modern technology the basic necessity of life. However, there is no doubt in saying that more the use of such medium, the more are its cons and pros in real life. Smartphones are usually incorporated into software programs and operating systems. Various social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, games, and entertainment apps are found on almost every phone no matter whether it’s an adult or teenager. The use of these platforms has been frequently on purpose. But, what parents see for their children is safety and if they find that their children are constantly busy with their phone, then it’s quite worrying and that’s where you need a spying application.

What is the need for tracking application

When you constantly find that your spouse or children are busy with their phone, hiding everything from you and coming late at home, then this is quite worrying and that’s where you look for the application that will help you track the each and every activity of your spouse or kid. Nowadays the use of spying applications is high in demand because children are trying to fleece the outer world with their parents, people are cheating their partners and employees are trying to play the double standard game with their employers. Thus, a spying application can easily help you reveal all the facts and helps you validate the behavior of your children that you were questioning.

But, the major concern is what are those ways or application through which you can track their cell phone without them knowing. If you are in need to know those two ways, then continue reading the below-mentioned article and get ready to track your child’s cell phone without them knowing.

2 methods or ways to track cell phone without them knowing

  • #1 Use AppSpy application to track a cell phone
  • #2 Use XySpy application and track a cell phone

#1 Use FreePhoneSpy application to track a cell phone

#1 Use FreePhoneSpy application to track a cell phone

#1 Use FreePhoneSpy application to track a cell phone

FreePhoneSpy is an efficient and a reliable spying application that let the user to track and monitor the activities of the target person. To use this application, it is important to download and install this application on the victim’s phone. This application works in invisible mode and does not require any payment. Well, there are several features associated with an application that is:

  • Track call logs– if you are in need to know with whom your children or spouse were talking late at night, then using this application is quite useful. With it, you can easily track the call logs and call details with date, time and call duration.
  • Details of messages– if your children are talking to someone by messaging on WhatsApp or text messages, then with the help of this app you can get the details of messages done from whom and to whom.
  • Tracking social media accounts– if your children are constantly using social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, then with this application you can track their social media accounts and fetch all necessary details.
  • Audio recording– if in case, the target person uses audio files to share personal details, then with this application you can track or hack the audio recording within a few minutes.

How to use this application

  1. Visit the official website through Google search engine or web browser. Now, download the application from its official website. The application is compatible with all android devices and iOS devices.
  1. After downloading this application, you need to install this on the victim’s phone and then on your phone. As the verification process is completed, you can hide the icon on the victim’s phone.
  1. Now, you have to open the control panel and connect this with the target phone. This application will easily read the available device and connect with it so that all data is easily sent to application user’s phone.

By, following these ways you can easily track victim’s location, call details, messages and other multimedia files within a few minutes.

#2 Use XySpy application and track a cell phone

#2 Use XySpy application and track a cell phone

#2 Use XySpy application and track a cell phone

It is basically a cell XySpy application that has been in use for all professional and personal safety needs. XySpy is trusted by thousands of families and business all over the world. It is a next-generation software that allows its users to track SMS, text messages, record outgoing and incoming calls and other activities performed by the victim on his/her phone. Furthermore, it helps you to track the real-time location of the victim and view all shared videos and photos on a social media platform. As you install this application on the target person’s phone within a few minutes it gets hidden thus target person will never come to know that you are spying on him/her.

Features of XySpy application

  1. GPS tracker– this feature is considered as a boon for parents as it helps you to track the real-time location of your children without them knowing. It is obvious that you cannot follow your children wherever they go, but with the help of GPS tracking feature, you can track their exact location without following them to every place they go.
  1. Monitor phone calls– with the help of this feature you can easily record calls that are made by your children and monitor their call logs with accurate date, time and call duration. With it, you can even gain information about the person whom your child has called.
  1. Access, messenger chats– if your child is using social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, then this feature is quite useful. It helps you get access to social media apps and monitor their activities like chats, messages and shared photos and videos.
  1. 100% undetectable– this is an amazing feature and a boon for application users as it helps them easily track a cell phone without the victim knowing about it. This application is 100% undetectable and you can easily send a command to the targeted device to perform specific actions without touching or using the victim’s phone. People who have doubts that their spouse is cheating on them and need clear-cut evidence, then with the help of this application they can easily fetch all information without them knowing about it.

How to use this app

To start with, this application, you need to first turn on the unknown source option so that you can easily download this application from its official website. Now, you need to download and install this application and on your phone and the victim’s phone. As the download and installation process is complete you can now create a new account where you need to fill all the necessary details that are required for creating a new account. It is important for you to fill all the necessary details like ID, username, and password correctly, which you can easily remember whenever you log in to your account.

After, creating your account on this application you need to select the device that you wish to spy. Now, you can select an activity that you wish to track such as call details, messages or social media account. After, following the complete process, you can start monitoring victim’s cell phone without them knowing.

View All Feature Download XySpy App

Reasons to use XySpy application

For parents to monitor activities of children– parents who are worried about their children and wants to know where their children are a late night and with whom they were talking to all night, then this application is quite helpful. With the help of this application, you can monitor the activities of your children like SMS, text messages, calls and browsing history. Many times, children use malicious sites which you never want your children would see and if you are single doubt regarding this you can use this app. This might help you block those websites and monitor the browsing history as well.

For employers to track the activities of employees– employers or owners who wish to know what their employees were during their absence can use this app. XySpy is very much helpful for employers who are in need to know which employee of their office is sharing professional information with the third party.


So, these are two most useful and helpful ways through which you can easily track a cell phone without them knowing. Make sure you use the application carefully and for the right purpose. If you need to protect your children from threats, then using spying application is helpful and will provide you complete details of your children within a few minutes.


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