3 Ways on Metro PCS Call Log Hack

3 Ways on Metro PCS Call Log Hack

3 Ways on Metro PCS Call Log Hack

3 Ways on Metro PCS Call Log Hack

Learn 3 Ways on Metro PCS Call Log Hack

Metro PCS is a subordinate of the T-mobile US, Inc. It is a prepaid mobile phone service provider. If you are using one, you might be known that it allows you to track the cell phone history and credit history through its account. Getting call logs of hacked metro PCS is very useful in case you need to present some proof in court on call charges of the target phone. However, it is not an easy process to remotely get metro PCS to call logs.

So here in this article, we will mention best ways so that you can hack metro PCS call logs.

Learn 3 Ways on Metro PCS Call Log Hack

Learn 3 Ways on Metro PCS Call Log Hack

1st way- using phone monitoring app

Metro PCS is the legal method you can use to get the records of your own instead of others. So if you want to get call logs of others you can use XySpy. It is among the best app that you can use to hack call logs. It is the phone monitoring app that allows accessing call log details of the target person.

Using this app you don’t need physical access of metro PCS to hack their call logs. After setting up XySpy for hacking target phone, you just need to access your XySpy control panel where all call details are stored. For this, you need to install this app into the target phone. For iPhone operating system you need the iCloud id and password to hack. XySpy is the safest app for metro PCS for hacking call logs because it does not require jailbreaking or rooting. However, you can only hack the call logs not recorded calls.

It woks efficiently on the updated versions too, you can buy the premium plans of xypsy to avail more features.

Easy steps to hack metro PCS by XySpy

  • Go to its official website through this link https://xyspy.com/install-free-spy-app/. Now create a XySpy account. While registering enters valid email address and password then press signs up button because it needs account confirmation. Now follow up and complete the setup wizard of XySpy by entering the details of the target person.
  • Now complete the set up according to your operating system.
  • Now open your account dashboard and click on the call log option to get ready.

2nd way- hack through online metro PCS account

The above mentioned method can be used in all type of operating system. Metro PCS gives its users the opportunity to get their past call records via Metro PCS account. You can track calls done on the phone and also check the time spent on the call.

Follow these steps to hack

  • Visit the metro PCS official website and click on my account above the navigation bar.
  • Log in to your account with email and password. If you don’t have one then makes one. Create it by one by entering phone and mobile security details. Here basic services are free.
  • After you logged in the account, click on the metro PCS number and select the number which you want to track.
  • To know the ultimate call usage you should take monthly or weekly subscription. This will have all the information about the phone.
  • Users, who have by minute plan, go to accounts and activity usage dashboard. Here you will get the information regarding all the information about all the transaction of the target phone.

3rd way- using Google voice app

Even though Metro PCS can record call history of your number but it does not record the phone calls of people and it is illegal to record someone calls without their consent. If you want to hack and record call logs you can use the google voice app. However, from this you can record only incoming calls, not outgoing calls. To enable this service you should turn on google voice online portal to record the calls.

To hack the call log of metro PCS you have to follow these steps

  • Go to the google voice and press the menu button.
  • Chose the settings option in the next window.
  • In call section turn on the incoming call section.
  • Press 4 during a call to record the metro PCS device, to step recording again press 4.


These are three ways you can use to hack metro PCS call logs. XySpy is one of the best to hack metro PCS, not only you can hack call logs, but you can access other possessions from the target phone. Read more about it from its official site.


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