30 Must-know WhatsApp Tricks

30 Must-know WhatsApp Tricks

30 Must-know WhatsApp Tricks

30 Must-know WhatsApp Tricks

30 one must know about the WhatsApp tricks

Whatsapp today is gaining greater popularity like wildfire and more and more people are getting in touch with it. Whatsapp has become the best way to stay connected with the people globally. Whatsapp developers are always working harder for bringing the commendable features every now and then after its emergence. Today billions of people are using it and the reason for its popularity is that it is powered by awesome features that are making life easier and convenient. There are few features people don’t know.

30 one must know about the WhatsApp tricks

30 one must know about the WhatsApp tricks

This post will tell readers about 30 one must know about the WhatsApp tricks in 2019.

  1. Hacking WhatsApp via XySpy

XySpy is the best app that enables a user to access WhatsApp account. There is no need for rooting or jail-breaking. using this reliable tool will permit the hacker to have full access to one’s device and get all details like SMS, calls, multimedia files etc.

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  1. Send complete conversation to others

Whatsapp chats can be shared to all users with email function. Open the conversation, hit one menu and selects more and choose email chat and share the complete conversations.

  1. Whatsapp Text Bold

Using it one can bold text by adding the string to the messages. It is the easiest way to put the focus on particular words. Also by adding asterisk sign one can add text messages at the beginning and end of the text.

  1. Archive Conversation

One having confidential chat, with WhatsApp archive function, a user can hide chat. Just tap on the conversation and hide it. A popup will appear tap on Archive to hide it.

  1. Whatsapp Italic text

With this, a user can italic text message and to do so one needs to add “_” underscore to the text beginning and end to italic it.

  1. Whatsapp web

Whatsapp web is web client provided by WhatsApp to access WhatsApp account from PC. Just scan QR code appearing at web browser and verify login at the WhatsApp web client. Just visit to the site and open WhatsApp in the device and hit on the menu and select WhatsApp web for QR code scanning. Connect PC and phone properly.

  1. Whatsapp text strikethrough

It adds the strikethrough at the keyword and it adds the line to the chosen text. The main use is or defining that the chosen text is wrong.  One simply can add it on the text by adding ~ at the text end and front.

  1. Group description

It is the WhatsApp hidden feature, if you are the admin of the group, add group description. It refers to the subject and group small summary. It can be used for setting rules and topic at the group. Tap on group info and hit on pen and edit group description.

  1. Change WhatsApp text

One can use change WhatsApp text to change the color, style, font, size etc of the text. Download the app and install it successfully and write text at the empty space and convert the text.

  1. Reply

If one communicating in the group, it’s the amazing features. Usually, the conversation is a little bit confusing when text is coming faster. Use the function and reply to the particular person. Tap and hold on text and press reply and type the message.

  1. Hide WhatsApp images from the gallery

Many yet time one receives unwanted images that you don’t want to save.  Whatsapp images automatically are saved but it at the time creates problems like mixing with other photos. To hide it, get ES file explorer and locate WhatsApp folder. Open it and select media. Hit and hold on WhatsApp images and press on Three Dots at screen top right corner and tap on hiding option for image hiding.

  1. Automatically wipe useless media file

One using WhatsApp and receiving many images will make memory get full in no time. To remove the useless images just download the app named siftr magic and installs it on phone and scan media file stored on the device. Hit on start cleaning option for wiping out useless files.

  1. Download WhatsApp media on PC

Whatsapp is powerful for IM services and WhatsApp web is the one. A person can download WhatsApp media file from the WhatsApp web client, just open WhatsApp on PC and right click at media file and select save images.

  1. Send images with no quality loss

When images are shared, it loses quality. Open up the WhatsApp and open chat and hit on attachment and tap on the document and select images to be sent.

  1. Hiding profile picture

If don’t want to share profile picture, just change the privacy setting. Set restriction level like nobody, my contacts or everyone. Accordingly to those options, the image will be shared.

  1. Editing picture when uploading

Whatsapp new feature allows one draw over the image. Image editing feature allows the user to easily draw on the image through image editing tools. Just add customized shape, emojis, text etc to the image.

  1. Sending caption with the image

Sending image with no messages is a bit confusing, Text to make image easy to understandable. When sending the image to a user, you will be asked to enter the caption and send it.

  1. Auto media download

Whatsapp videos, images etc are downloaded automatically. It is because the automatic download is set when connected to Wi-Fi.  Automatically the media will be downloaded when the device connected to the web.

  1. Directly sending the image through the gallery

When images are captured and want to share on WhatsApp, just go to the gallery and open up the photo and tap on share and choose WhatsApp from the given list and option and get the image shared.

  1. Chat wallpaper

Whatsapp chat wallpaper is WhatsApp function that allows one in setting any kind of background wallpaper. Additionally one can add the image in the WhatsApp chat background by choosing the file from the gallery.

  1. Unsending message

Unsent messages are the latest and demanding WhatsApp feature allowing the user in recalling messages. This is used when one sends a wrong message and wishes to delete it.  As per WhatsApp, one can recall it within an hour. Just tap on the message and delete it.

  1. Backup WhatsApp data to the cloud

If using an Android device and doesn’t want to lose chats, backup WhatsApp chats for preventing from uncertain situations.  Google drive is the right way for saving data on cloud and access data at anytime and anywhere.

  1. Muting chats

If irritated of group WhatsApp notifications and would like to block it? Whatsapp gives the solution to it.  With the mute function that enables a user to easily stop notifications from selected chats. This will block notification sound coming out from the chats.

  1. Seeing message Info

It is the information related to the specific text. Message information shows all details of text like date, read time and send tick. For message confirming whether sent or read by the receiver, use massage info. It will tell the complete details.

  1. Disabling read receipt

Read receipt or blue tick is the message type working as the WhatsApp notification sign. If do not want to share blue tick with others, just disable it. Disabling it will restrict one seeing the read receipts of other persons.

  1. Messages broadcasting

It is the best way of sending the same text with no efforts to the multiple contacts at a single tap. It is fully different from the group. With the function, one can send the text to the numbers of contacts without privacy. There is no one to send that to whom the text is sent. Additionally, the media file or text to the broadcast will be visible to the person only.

  1. Star or Pin the important conversations

Pinning the text is possible at the WhatsApp. Getting engaged with the pinned text will show it to one at the chat top as it is given priority. It is a useful feature when one gets a valuable message at WhatsApp and does not want to lose that.

  1. Sending animated heart

Presently no support for the animated stickers is there. But no emoji is there animating and that is the heart. Just send it to others and will see it animating as that of the heartbeat. If easily works on devices like Android and iOS. Just tap on the emoji icon and search for it to send.

  1. Sharing live locations

You as a parent would like to know whereabouts of kids. One can try whatsapp location sharing function for accessing targeted WhatsApp phone live location. Open the WhatsApp conversation and hit on attachment and select location option. Hit on share live location. Fill in timeout including for 1 hour of 10 hours and tap on send.

  1. Set custom notifications for all conversations

Mostly the WhatsApp users are not aware of the features of customer notifications. It allows one in easily set notification sound, LED as per needs. It will help one in identifying sender listening to notifications sound and also LED notifications colors if the device has dedicated LED notifications.


These are the amazing and commendable WhatsApp tricks that surely will help the life of an individual to be convenient and easier. I really have loved the XySpy function and if you too just visit its site using URL address (https://www.XySpy.com) and get the app installed and hack a person WhatsApp completely with many other things.


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