4 Ways for Real Time Locations Tracking

4 Ways for Real Time Locations Tracking

4 Ways for Real Time Locations Tracking

4 Ways for Real Time Locations Tracking

Learn 4 ways for real-time locations tracking

It is true that in the current unsecured world the parents become quite concerned for their children. Also, parents become afraid of their children falling into any bad company. Also, you as a partner are worried about getting cheated. If you are suspecting some strange sign that should be there then you must begin using the hacking tool for tracking the cell phone in addition of real time locations as well to discover where and with who target moves around. You can discretely spy on your spouse or children from the full comforts of home.

Learn 4 ways for real-time locations tracking

Learn 4 ways for real-time locations tracking

#1 XySpy

When talking about the top 4 phone tracking tool, XySpy is listed on the top and it is the best option for you to use and spy. This app has become a favorite application for numbers of users all across the world for monitoring target fully.  The parent that is making use of this tracking tool had remained tension free without doing the worries of their kids’ activities. Some fantastic features are available in the tool that can be used for tracking location and other cellular actions.

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Features of the app

  • Calls Spy By spying on the target phone call logs you will get the details of contact number, call duration and talks recording, etc. When you access the control panel, you can easily grab all the details of the contact history. You will see the list of deleted call logs etc.
  • SMS Spy By spying on the target SMS, you will get the details of the sender, phone number, chat history and screenshot of conversations. You can save SMS or deleted if not needed.
  • Browser history tracking- If you want to know what the victim is browsing and which browser target uses. You will see URLs visited by the victim and if you found that it is harmful then you can block it so that target doesn’t get access to it for another time.
  • Social media account tracking- It the target is using various popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, everything can be easily tracked. You will easily be able to extract the password of the social media account. The parents and spouse can keep eye on their respective target person activity and save your children from getting connected to false people and spouse from getting in a relationship with some other guy.
  • Multimedia files spy- This feature is a lot useful for one who wants to do the monitoring of the multimedia files available in the target phone. It will track the photos, videos along with its details like date, time, size, type, etc. If you want you can save it also.
  • KeyLogger function This is the most useful feature that is offered by the tracking tool. If in case one forgets the password or want to unlock the password of the target phone apps accounts, all is possible with this tracking tool. Also, you can change the password of the target person device and can unlock it at any time. The password of the phone can be changed if lost or stolen.
  • App usage recording- This feature is developed for letting the hacker know about the usage of the installed application. It means that a hacker will come to know in what way, for how long and how many times an app is used.

How to use the app

To make use of this tracking tool you need to get it to download and installed from its original site using URL address (https://xyspy.com). Once done create user account along with doing all settings. Now login and from online dashboard hack the device location.

Why can you use it

  • Compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Trustworthy
  • Result-oriented

#1 Tracking real-time location using SpyZee

Another ideal means of tracking of real time location is using SpyZee. It is a reliable and easy to use tool that can help you in tracking the cell phone location remotely. It is having many good phone tracking features and is a non-traceable app and is reasonable and safer to use.

#3 TheTruthSpy

To track the location of the dearest one using this app is the ideal solution. Many features are found in the app that can provide you various advantages. To explore all those you have to get the app downloaded and install it in target OS and in yours. To remain untraced you must encrypt the tool on a target device. Just go to setting and hide it. Once you hide the app, go to control panel and begin spying. The user-friendly interface of this tool allows you in recording and view complete details of the target OS. Thus it will be difficult for the target to hide secrets from you.

#4 FreePhoneSpy

This app is having a feature of tracking location in real-time and thus if you use this tool, you will be able to track the location of your children. The method is using this tool is different from others as you need to get the wizard successfully installed and then gets the subscription package for using all its features. If you don’t make subscription then you will not be able to make use of this tracking tool. Through you can make the use of this app easily but in case of iPhone you need to undergo jail-breaking. If you make use of this tool you can reveal the hidden data on the target mobile and allow saving and downloading the data on your phone. This application is free of virus and is easy to use the app.


All the above mentioned 4 apps will allow you to track the location of the target person without physically accessing the device. Also, there are many more excellent cellular actions tracking features. If you want to make use of those features then install the app and start running now. But ensure that you follow the appropriate steps to make use of the application. Just keep in mind that your small silly mistake can let you fall into big unexpected trouble. So be a real spy and be fully careful when doing the spying.


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