5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc.

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5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc.

5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc.

5 Apps to Track Child Location, Photos, Calls, Messages, Videos, etc.

Learn 5 Apps to track kid’s message, location, calls, location, videos, etc

For one to become a parent not only bring greater happiness but also responsibilities with worries. Growing the kid is not easier and more importantly, the supervision in today’s time of greater modernization is prone to get easily trapped in any type of dangers of technology. Many times it happens that when the children are badly scolded by the kids and they take it on their ego and then begins remaining isolated and stops sharing things with them. They don’t let the parents know about all happening in a kid’s life.

Learn 5 Apps to track kid's message, location, calls, location, videos, etc

Learn 5 Apps to track kid’s message, location, calls, location, videos, etc

Thus to remove all your worries and helps you in keeping a full eye on kids, here we have come up with best apps fort tracking kids cellular actions. To know continue reading pour article-

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

This tracking tool helps you in tracking and monitoring the activities on the target cell phone. It is also known as the ultimate monitoring app for all OS like iOS and Android. It is having many good tools like tracking SMS, WhatsApp, Calls, GPS location tracking, etc. Today about 90% + user is satisfied with this app. No doubt this tracking tool is one of the best tracking tools that provide greater safety and security to the kids.

Features of XySpy

  • Monitors phone calls
  • Block unwanted and distracting apps
  • Access to reading text messages, multimedia files, and IM apps
  • Monitors web usage
  • Access to contacts and calendar
  • GPS location tracking

How to use this wizard

To make use of this tracking tool you need to get the application downloaded and installed from its official site. You can take the help of the link (https://xyspy.com). Create a user account by using the valid username and password. Now you need to login and from online dashboard, you can collect the details that you want. But make sure that you provide correct detail of target to the app so that link with the app can be easily created and can get a better result.

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy

This is another most popular and extensively used tracking tool that allows you to track the location, messages, multimedia files, and videos of the kids’ phone. The application is the next generation tool that provides various benefits and features that is making tracking a lot easier. The app allows you to fetch the details from the suspected person phone. The app is compatible with leading OS iPad, iPhone, and Android. You can use the app safely and 100% untraceable.

The app allows a user in easily accessing all the social networking site and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. You can even get the paid and free version for 48 hours so that you can easily understand the features and working of the app.

Benefits of the app

  • 100% untraceable app
  • Compatibility with leading OS
  • 24 hours customer care team is available
  • Easy to use and install

All these benefits help you in getting the wonderful spying expiring experience when using this app.

#3 SpyZee

#3 SpyZee

#3 SpyZee

No doubt this app is one of the reliable and trustworthy mobile phone tracking solutions that helps a hacker in remotely hacking the device. A hacker can do the spy on calls, GPS location, messages, internet history, and multimedia files. This application needs a hacker to undergo the process of rooting and device jail-breaking. To use this application you need to set up a user account and active app on the victim device and begin doing the monitoring of device cellular actions through the app control panel. This app gets hidden when the process of monitoring the target phone begins secretly.

Pros of the app

  • Helps in checking the outgoing and incoming calls
  • Remotely monitoring the screenshots
  • Monitoring the browsing history
  • Track the real-time location of the target device

Hence, you can make use of this tool for getting the details acquired by snooping tool without letting target to know.

#4 FreePhoneSpy

It is the best cell phone tracking tool that is mainly created and designed for the iPhone and android device users. It works in stealth mode in the target person device background without letting the victim to know all about being continually tracked. The application is very good at doing the monitoring of calls, text messages, and phone location, etc all time without consuming much battery. The application is popular and is satisfying the needs of customers’ security, and convenience of the remote tracking application.

Benefits provided by the app

  • Helps in protecting Smartphone from theft
  • Helps fetching the mails through the online dashboard
  • Helps spying social media apps, SMS and GPS location
  • User-friendly interface
  • Get accessed through any web browser

Thus, you can use those benefits and know what is going on in children life.

#5 FoneTracker

If you are in search for the tool that can do the monitoring of the phone actions then this application will be the ideal selection for you. This app is a cross-platform that is providing all its users the best solution for monitoring and tracking the Smartphone actions. The app is easy to use and install and allow the user to track the target person location through GPS Tracker feature.

Benefits of using the app

  • Enables live call interceptions
  • Helps in tracking calls, emails and WhatsApp and SMS
  • Offer details related to the call logs
  • Works on the non-jailbroken phone and non-rooted android
  • Takes screenshots remotely
  • Records and listen to the surroundings of calls

These are the benefits you will from using the app, just install it and try once to track a cell phone.


So these are the best top 5 applications to track child location, videos, messages, calls, photos, etc secretly without leaving the sign of being tracked. The application supports all the leading operating system and works in a better way. When coming at the point of selecting the best one among those five then it is better to pick up XySpy. It is the best one that is listed in the first position and it offers a very good feature that no another tracking tool can provide.

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John Smith
XySpy is a mobile phone spying software that allows you to know in details what is happening on an Android mobile phone.


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