5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

Get the best 5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

The most prominent social networking site is Facebook and there is no doubt that it will remain popular despite of new emerging social networking websites. The scope of network that it gives to the users is not found in any other social networking websites. The billions and millions of users are connected through Facebook and they enjoy using this great platform that is available since years. The ease of publishing status, videos, images, and other interesting posts on the Facebook profiles is a fun activity on Facebook. The users make comments and show their expressions using emojis on the posts.

Get the best 5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

Get the best 5 Ways for Free Facebook Hack without Survey

All these activities are a fun part of the Facebook. Moreover, it is not only for the purpose of fun, many users use it a great platform to showcase their talent or promote their business. Therefore, you can find different kind of users online which make use of Facebook for their purpose. However, there is a threat of using such social networking sites that connect the large variety of users. The case of online bullying, hacking of vital information and others are prominent among Facebook users.

Who fall in such threats? Kids and teens who don’t know much about the privacy and security settings that are offered by the Facebook. Moreover, they don’t even ask from their parents and adults as they are afraid of getting banned of using Facebook.

Such sites are not good for small kids despite of this they make fake identities where they disclose their incorrect age and use Facebook for fun purpose. This may cause trouble to them. So, how to keep them safe? Use hacking tools. However, many hacking tools require users to complete the survey to fetch their desired information which is very annoying. So, today we will tell you few methods that require no survey to hack Facebook. These hacks are free and safe.

The best Facebook hacks without any survey

#1- Hack Facebook using XySpy

#1- Hack Facebook using XySpy

#1- Hack Facebook using XySpy

The very first method is XySpy that is available for free. This is an application which needs to be downloaded on the device being hacked. You don’t have to use the tool from the device being hacked; an online control panel facility is given by the XySpy. The control panel is the desk of the users of XySpy where the details of the device being hacked are displayed. To use that desk, users have to create a member id or sign up by giving the asked information at the above given website.

Once the profile is created, simply download the app onto the device and set up the procedure. You will be asked to get permission to use the different applications of the device such as gallery, contacts, social media apps, calendar and more. Allow the app to access them so that you can get the information from other applications as well. This is the added advantage of using XySpy that can fetch other necessary details other than Facebook. It means you can hack the WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram and many more account of the user. Isn’t it cool?

#2- Hack Facebook without Survey Use keylogger function

The most used hacking method is to use a keylogger to trace the password of the Facebook account of any user. It can trace keystroke of the system and provide the typed text to the users. It records everything that is typed on the keyboard. These software needs to be downloaded on the device so that it can monitor the keystrokes of the device’s keyboard. Moreover, there are hardware keyloggers as well that are the computer gadgets offering keylogging functions.

Connect the hardware to the keyboard and the CPU. The hardware is not easily visible and seen as the component of the keyboard which keeps it undetectable by others. However, keylogger hardware is not appropriate for those using it for hacking Facebook so choose the software version.

The software keyloggers can be remotely operated as well and they can bypass the security applications such as firewall and anti-virus. Thus, it is easy to use software keyloggers instead of hardware.

#3- Facebook Hack without Survey Use forgot password technique

Forgot Password Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/login/identify

This approach is again a common technique that is widely used. You need to know the username or email id of the Facebook profile of the user to hack their account. Click on the forgot password option to use this method. Reset the password and choose the email option where you will get the code for the password reset. Make sure you know the password of the email id on which you will receive the code for resetting password. Enter the code and set the password. The Facebook may ask you to log out from the other devices but choose stay logged in and hit the continue button.

Now, everything is done you can use the new password to enter into their account. However, this method is not reliable as the password is changed for their profile and when they will login next time they need to enter the new password that you have set.

#4- Use HyperCracker method

The Facebook hacking software, HyperCracker can hack Facebook profile in few minutes, provided you have the user id of the target’s Facebook profile. HyperCracker allow you to download their photos, browse the account history, and check their friend list and many more. Go to the hypercracker.com and choose the hack now online option. A fresh webpage will get open, provide the username of target and hit the hack the Facebook profile button.

#5- Use phishing method

The again so common hacking technique in the hacking world is phishing. You may have heard of this technique and if not then here is everything that you should know about it. The phishing involves the use of a fake Facebook page that you have to send to the target. You can send it via email or message. The target when clicks on the link, he/she will directly connect to that fake page. They will also see a pop up on their screen. When the target login to the page, their entire details will be extracted and send to you. The information that you will receive is their username and password which is exactly what you need to login to their Facebook page.

Use that details and enter into their account. View their photos, friends list and other stuffs at their Facebook page.


These five simple techniques are what exactly you may be looking for. Use them and hack Facebook of anyone whose username and email id you have. However, we cannot give any assurance about their reliability and safety as the online methods may steal your personal data as well. They may or may not provide you complete anonymity thus it’s better to use an application that is specifically designed for hacking purpose.

The XySpy that we have mentioned at the starting is considered as the best spying software in the industry. It moreover let you hack the device without showing any traces of hacking and keeps you hidden every time. You can operate it from remote location and save all the information that you have extracted from the target device. The rest of the methods will only allow you hacking Facebook but the XySpy will let you do many more functions. These functions will make your hacking experience enjoyable. Moreover, it is free and legal so go for it.

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