5 Ways to Spy on Someone’s Phone

5 Ways to Spy on Someone’s Phone

5 Ways to Spy on Someone's Phone

5 Ways to Spy on Someone's Phone

Get the best 5 easy and legal Ways to Spy on Someone’s Phone

Hey guys! Do you want to spy on your friend’s or sibling’s mobile phone without getting caught? Yes, you are on the right place then today, I will tell you 5 different ways to spy on their cell phone secretly. All these ways are the legitimate ways of spying moreover they are so easy that you can do it on your own without taking anyone’s help. So, are you ready to know about those legitimate ways of spying? Let’s get started then.

Get the best 5 easy and legal Ways to Spy on Someone's Phone

Get the best 5 easy and legal Ways to Spy on Someone’s Phone

Wait! Before, I actually jumped into disclosing those ways, let me tell you few important things about cell phone spying. You should know about them as you may come across several other ways of spying when you search online. Don’t fall into the trap of website that claim they are legitimate and let you spy secretly. You may end up losing your own data instead of fetching target’s cell phone data. Several unreal or fake websites and apps are available online which allow you to spy free of cost. Let me tell you one thing, no spy app is available for free, all such application charge some fees for their services.

Moreover, you need a reliable application that is loyal to you and works accurately. A reliable, 100% undetectable, and one that offers unique features is that fits into your ideal need of good spying software. So, you need to have some knowledge about spying software such as how they work, about their reliability and functions.

The software that I am going to introduce are tested and used by hundreds of users thus you don’t have to search for hours on internet to know about them. Here I will tell you about their functionality, reliability and features and you can trust them as they are used by other users as well. You can also get the reviews for that software and get their feedbacks.

5 spy software that are legitimate and work smoothly:

  1. XySpy
  2. TheTruthSpy
  3. AppSpy
  4. GuestSpy
  5. SurepointSpy

These are the 5 legitimate spy software so let us discuss about them in detail.

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

#1 XySpy

The next generation spy software, XySpy is best for both personal and professional spying needs. It tracks the device in 3 simple steps and remains hidden doing it work in hidden mode. It has ample of features that allow complete tracking of any device. XySpy can track any device such as iOS, android, blackberry, and more. Its compatibility to work with any operating software makes it the favorite spy software among users.

The XySpy is designed only for legitimate use and not for any illegal purpose. Any action taken by the software is legal and thus users don’t have to worry about the violation of any law using XySpy.

You can get XySpy at: Install Mobile Spy XySpy on Android phones

#2 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

The trustworthy and legal spying software in the queue is the truth spy that offers amazing features such as SMS monitoring, call monitoring, browser history, hacking of multimedia files and more. It too can monitor the iOS and android device. This 100% undetectable application is available at store and you can download it as per the instructions given on the website. Enable the option of download from unknown source to install TheTruthSpy if you face trouble downloading it.

#3 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

The best fit for the today’s need of spying, AppSpy is powerful spy software in the market. This utility app can go more deep into the cell phone and extract the desire information. It can spy on iMessage and text messages better than any other spy software. It also supports iOS and android devices moreover it can also work better on apple devices. Very few spy software are compatible with apple devices that’s why apple users always find it difficult to spy. Now, they can also spy using AppSpy.

#4 GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

The user friendly and inexpensive spy app- auto forward spy is also in the category of the best choice for iPhone and android spy apps. It can do multiple activities such as spy on text photos, text messages, and browser history remotely. Its excellent customer support offers the facility of live answering to the clients. You can try the auto forward spy app for first 3 day for free. Later, you can purchase the app for $59.95. It charges no monthly fees so it is a onetime investment. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any additional charges.

#5 SurepointSpy

Website: http://surepointspy.com

Best for the average person who don’t know much about technology, SurepointSpy is an ideal choice. The software doesn’t require jailbreaking of the device. So, there is no trouble using the tool. It has similar features as the rest of the software has where it can track the device without taking it into the possession. It can spy the toughest devices such as iPhone, iPad, and apple devices. Since it requires no jailbreaking, it can extract the desire information without installing it on the target phone. With good internet connection, you can view all the details on your tablet, computer or cell phone.

The cost of the SurepointSpy is $69.99. This is the best spy for iPhone and iPad where you get good customer support, attractive features and no monthly fees.

These were the best legitimate spy software that gets designed for both personal and professional needs. Let us discuss about the similar features of all these software so that you can have the basic idea what these software can do.

Basic features of spy software

Basic features of spy software

Basic features of spy software

GPS tracker

All the above software can track the GPS location of the device. They can track the latest position of the device and notifies about the time, date and info of current location.

Call spying

The call recording is also a common feature that is available in spy software. The call information such as duration, time and date of call along with the mobile number of caller is extracted by the software.

SMS spying

The text messages are easily tracked by the spy software and can be shared with the users at their control panel.

Access to instant messenger chats

Instant messengers are the common mode of communication nowadays thus this is an essential feature of spy software. The message content, sender and receiver’s number, shared multimedia files and other details are easily fetched. They can spy on social media applications such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and other.

Remote control

All spy software can remotely control the device so that users don’t have to stick to one place for fetching the device information. Users can send the commands to operate the device remotely and perform the spying activities.

Access to multimedia files

Spy software can easily fetch the photos, videos and other multimedia files from the target device which otherwise you cannot access until you have the device in possession. They can moreover provide information about the latest update in the content of the multimedia files through notification.


These were the common features of the spying software. All of them run in stealth mode which means nobody can identify their presence and you can secretly perform spying. So, choose any of the top spy software and start spying.


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