5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Learn 5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Did you forget your iPhone passcode? Don’t be anxious!  Hacking is a lot easier after the introduction of spyware such as XySpy. Forgetting your brand new iPhone passcode is a serious situation but not necessarily a terrible one. In this guide, we will show you how to bypass the security of iPhone and gaining access to your phone.

Learn 5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Learn 5 Ways to Hack iPhone and Bypass Passcode Lock Screen

Moreover, you don’t have to restore the device and delete its content, so you are able to use it again as earlier. If you have a legitimate reason to want access to your iPhone by hacking for which you can get passcode again then there is software called XySpy. We will discuss other ways too.

Finally, we have covered the basics of efficient ways for resetting the passcode once you hacked the iPhone.

1st way- hack iPhone and bypass passcode lock screen using spy app- XySpy

1st way- hack iPhone and bypass passcode lock screen using spy app- XySpy

1st way- hack iPhone and bypass passcode lock screen using spy app- XySpy

Hacking of an iPhone can be done using the spy apps, however, bypassing iPhone security is a bit risky, maybe phone owner of device come to know anytime. So you can use XySpy best hacking tool for iPhone. It is one of the best spy tools that you can find online because it is compatible with all version of iPhone’s. Most importantly, it does not require jailbreaking of iPhone. Not only it can bypass passcode but also it provides other spying features such as GPS tracking, call log history detection, multimedia file access, social media monitoring and lot more. There are many features embedded on it you can use after availing its premium version.

Follow the steps for using XySpy:

  • Visit its official site by hitting this link – https://xyspy.com/install-free-spy-app/
  • Register here from an email address and password.
  • Now download this app to your phone and target phone.
  • Enter some details of target person and hide it.
  • Now login your account chooses option of keylogger and all passwords of target device is transferred into your control panel or you can simply access data from the remote device.

2nd way- bypass iPhone passcode lock screen with emergency lock screen

Many iPhone hacking techniques are available on the market; still, the emergency lock screen method is the easiest way to hack iPhone passcode. This method works on all type of IOS devices. It is the best method to bypass security lock without restoring the phone data.

Follow the above steps to hack iPhone using the emergency call method:

  • Open your device screen by pressing the home button and go to the lock screen.
  • Now hit on the emergency link on the down left corner.
  • On the dialer, pad type some random numbers and make a call.
  • Again enter the same number but now cancel the call
  • Press the home button and you will be redirected to your device home screen without a passcode.

3rd way- bypasses passcode using iTunes

Above mentioned ways may be easier to bypass passcode, however, there is no surety they all work efficiently on every version of iPhone. If you want a way that will work on every iPhone version then you should use iTunes to crack the password. Importantly, this way is able to reset passcode but also it deletes everything from the phone. If you want to spy on the target phone then this method will not help you. If your aim is to get passcode of the locked phone then you can for this method.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Open the iTunes in your computer connect your phone using USB cable to your computer.
  • Wait for a minute when iTunes recognize your device then click on the restore iPhone button.
  • After confirmation, your phone will revert into its default settings.

4th way- hack iPhone using iCloud service

ICloud service can also be used to hack iPhone, if you turn in the find my iPhone service. It is the service from which you can find lost iPhone and also it provides several options to erase the target iPhone data and in this case recovery is not possible. It is made for the security purpose so the user data does not get into the wrong hands. After erasing the data passcode of the device is also erased. It is the methods for those who forgot their device passcode. It is also a good option who does not have iTunes to bypass the lock screen. However, iTunes service also deletes the data from the phone.

Follow the given steps to erase the iPhone passcode using iCloud service:

  • Go to the website of iCloud and sign in to your account.
  • After logging in click on all devices from the top of the browser, here you will see list of devices using your iCloud id. Now choose your device from the options.
  • Lastly, click on the erase data to wipe out all data including passcode.

5th way- hack passcode using Siri

Siri is the personal assistant of an iPhone user.  It can also help you to bypass your iPhone passcode and hack iPhone. This way is best to hack iPhone without restoring the phone data. Though usability of this way is increasing apple has focused on fixing this flaw.

Follow these steps to use this method:

  • Activate siri by pressing the home button for a second.
  • When siri got activated ask to show time, doing so it will display the clock icon that shows local time.
  • Here you will see + icon, tap on it and another clock.
  • You can see the search bar here, enter some characters and select all of them.
  • Now copy all the characters and choose the share option that will show more options.
  • Now choose the sharing messages option to make a new message.
  • Past the copied item in the page and start filling “to” option.
  • Here wait for seconds and press the home button. This will take to your home screen and now you can use your iPhone.


These are some methods hack iPhone and bypass passcode lock screen. However, some of these methods will not work efficiently and some require erasing of data, therefore XySpy is the best method to hack iPhone data. This application is compatible with all versions of IOS.


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