5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

5 Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Learn 5 easy Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Today’s generation is completely busy on their phone operating different social media sites and application. Whether you are sitting in a park, walking on the road or doing some work outside you will see people busy on their phone. Do you know what they are doing? Off course they might be talking to another person, chatting with friends on text messages or active on their favorite social media site Facebook. Every day you will find people doing all such things and it is increasing day by day with the advancement in technology.

Learn 5 easy Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Learn 5 easy Ways to View Private Facebook Profile

Being from today’s generation I see the increase in crime rate where girls and small kids are been harassed by another person for money. Not only girls and kids but the old generation are also been threatened for money because for people today there is nothing important than having money in their pocket. So, if you have a kid of teenage then it is quite worrying leaving your kids alone at home or allowing them to go anywhere alone or provide them a cell phone to run Facebook site and other apps.

If your kid is using a cell phone than I am pretty sure he or she must be using Facebook and there are so many who are your kid’s friends. Some would be the high school friends, some would be your relatives and some would be strangers as well. So, do you think having strangers as your kid’s friend on Facebook is good? Because you do not who they are, they might be running the fake ID just to start up with friends and then put you fall into some trouble.

Keeping all these things aside I would like to recommend you to use the best ways through which you can view the private Facebook profile of your kid as well as the stranger who is your kid’s friend. This will help you know is there anything inappropriate mentioned in your kid’s profile or not. You can even know about strangers profile and view their private profile. So, here in this piece of article, we have mentioned the 5 best and easy ways to view private Facebook profile.

About 5 best ways to see private Facebook profile

Way 1: XySpy

XySpy is next-generation monitoring and spying application that is widely used by parents, spouses, and employers to keep a track on the kid’s, partners and employees activity. There are several features this application provides which makes it unique and best than other monitoring applications. The application is specially made for parents so that they can easily view the private Facebook profile of their kids. Along with this, the application is completely undetectable and compatible with Android and IOS devices. Hence you will be able to gain all the information that you want from another person’s Facebook account.

To use this application, you have to go to the official website through the given link https://xyspy.com/install-free-spy-app/ and install the app on a targeted device. Now download and install the app, once you have installed the app you have to make an account using email id and password. After this, you have to go to the online control panel or dashboard where you will be able to see view the entire private details of the targeted person. It is simple and easy to use the method. It does not require any special skills or knowledge and is available free of cost.

Way 2: Using Social Engineering

This method exploits the psychological weakness of human to easily get temporary access over someone’s Facebook profile. Since the account is private you cannot view the profile of your friend whom you aren’t sure if your friend or not. So with the help of this method, you can temporarily access the account of that person and know whether he or she is actually your friend or not. You can view the name, date of birth and other information easily.

Way 3: Using picturemate

This is a free extension that is provided for Google Chrome which you can use to see another person’s Facebook profile without adding him or her to your friend list. It is an amazing tool that is especially used if you want to see the private Facebook profile secretly. It is mainly useful for people when they want to know which person is associated with the targeted person by just seeing the picture they are tagged in. However, to use this method you have to go to its official website and install the Google Chrome Extension from the Google browser.

Now restart the browser and now visit the Facebook app and search for the pictures of the targeted person through this app.

Way 4: Add the person in your friend list

Not every person restrict the account to their friends, there are a few people who use the friend of a friend’s option to easily hide the private details. Hence, all the friends of that person’s friends will be able to see private photos and information. The only thing you have to do is add those people to your friend list, now they will not only become your mutual friend but you will be able to see their private profile also.

Way 5: View profile through username

This is the last way through which you can see someone’s Facebook private profile without installing any app or signing up any website. With the help of this online tool “private profile viewer,” you can easily view the private profile of any person. The tool is free to use and help users to view the private profiles of any person through their Facebook username or ID. The only thing you have to do is go to the official website and click on the search bar now enter the username or ID and click submit. Now within a few minutes, you will be able to see the private profile of the target person.


So, these are the top 5 ways you can use to view someone’s Facebook private profile without them knowing. For more details or information you can visit the official website mentioned above.


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