5 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

5 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

5 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

5 Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

Get the best 5 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Are you after those apps that can let you track cell phone locations for free and can also provide you with other important details? Then you need to check out this article as it covers top 5 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the help of phone tracking apps. The advanced phone tracking technology offers software from which accurate information can be obtained easily. You too can trace someone such as suspect or targeted person GPS location via the help of spy apps. For more information and features read the full article.

Get the best 5 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Get the best 5 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Many tracking apps enable accessing the current location of the targeted person on different operating systems such as the iPhone, Android, etc. With good internet connectivity, you can access the spy app control panel from any part of the city no matter day or night. The effective feature let you monitor onto your spouse, kids, and employee on real-time without creating an interface disturbance.

Nowadays, with the increase in social media craze, there come many illegal activities such as the cyber crimes and cyber-bullying. So, it is inevitable to keep an eye on the spouse, kid and employee activities. Who knows whether your kids are going to falls in cyber pits or your spouse might be cheating on you, so make use of the phone tracker to avoid such threats.

About Tracking A Cell Phone Location for Free

The free phone tracking apps are applications that makes easier for the user to keep their eyes on the suspect so as to stay updated with their current GPS locations. Furthermore, the app is capable of tracing someone social media activities such as activities on Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat in existent time. The current location of the suspect or targeted person is marked as a blue dot on the map. A frequent posting at the same location will be marked with a red dot that is gradually being turned from the blue dot.

You can get an accurate location of the suspect or target just by clicking on the dots even you can zoom onto the location for further information. With the help of this valuable software, you will get to know where your kid or spouse wanders in your absence and you can carefully follow onto them to see what they are doing at a particular location. Now you do not have to get tensed when your spouse says “I’m going outside with my friends’, as you can track her/his activities on your Smartphone within few seconds.

If your kid behavior left you uncontrolled or irritates you when you hear from his/her teacher that your kid skip classes and is not at all serious then using spy app is a clever decision. Not only, the tracking app helped you know about the suspect activities but also helps to retrieve lost or stolen phones. You can track the location of the lost phone and can retrieve it easily if the location does not get changed frequently.

The tracking system is suitable for all kind of mobile systems such as Android, iPod, iPhone etc and creates no disturbance while tracking. All you need an internet connection and you are ready to track locations worldwide with precise information and details. A precise geo-location can be traced in the mapping forms that are 100% undetectable by the suspect or target person.

Top five ways to track a cell phone location for free

  • Way 1: Track a cell phone location via XySpy app
  • Way 2: Track location via Find My iPhone
  • Way 3: Track a cell phone location via Phone Tracker app
  • Way 4: Track location via Android phone location app
  • Way 5: Track a cell phone location via Family locator app

Way 1: Track a cell phone location via XySpy app

Way 1: Track a cell phone location via XySpy app

Way 1: Track a cell phone location via XySpy app

XySpy is one of the most efficient means when a user wishes to track someone else cell phone without letting them know about it. One can use it discreetly both on iPhone and Android as the tracking systems are proven. Given below are some of the reasons that let you know why to use the XySpy app-

  • One can retrieve location and data without hassle on android devices for free
  • By extension, you can locate suspect location easily
  • They are completely non-traceable which implies your suspect can’t snatch you during spying on their activities
  • It can track the movement of your spouse or kid when they get ahead to a particular location

Download XySpy Now

What do all service XySpy provide

  • GPS tracking- show the accurate location of a suspect without comprehensive route history
  • Geo-fence monitoring- create a circle around the place after the interest is being marked using the spy app
  • Wi-Fi signal tracking– You can discover the location and accurate time of suspect current Wi-Fi hotspot being connected to other people. Thus, create an accurate picture of the suspect such as what the suspect is doing or where they are now.
  • Sim tracking—if the SIM card is changed by the suspect automatically a notification is being sent. This feature is highly useful in case one’s mobile phone is stolen or lost. To know more about this app you can download and install it.

Way 2: Track location via Find My iPhone

Way 2: Track location via Find My iPhone

Way 2: Track location via Find My iPhone

Losing an iPhone seems to be an excruciating experience, so here a spy app lets you retrieve your lost or stolen phone easily. What Find My iPhone can do?

  • Pins the exact location of missing phone via a map
  • It can create siren sound for about two minutes so that people near to your phone can identify it and return it to you
  • The device can be locked with tough passwords
  • A custom message on the iPhone screen can be flashed via the Lost Mode feature
  • Find a shortest driving way to your iPhone
  • Wipe off all personal data from the iPhone if you feel that the cell phone was stolen by someone suspicious

Download Find My iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-my-iphone/id376101648?mt=8

Install and download Find my iPhone app from the application store and enable features via going to settings> iCloud button. Access the location of your device on the map represented by a blue dot and plays siren sound or enables it on Lost Mode.

View more details Find My iPhone:

Way 3: Track a cell phone location via Phone Tracker app

Way 3: Track a cell phone location via Phone Tracker app

Way 3: Track a cell phone location via Phone Tracker app

Install the application on the suspect device such as a kid, employee or spouse you want to keep an eye on. The app is 100% free and offers users with lots of interesting features such as user can monitor not only to suspect GPS location but also trace social media posts, messages, cell calls and web history. If you wish to become comfortable with the software first, then use the trail offer and see whether it works or not as per your demand.

Now, create an account and login to the app and the cell tracking features available on the dashboard enable you to get information about the suspect. Using control panel you can view entire activities of the suspect after successful server login.

The parent gets worried a lot when their kid gets ahead to a particular location and this thought wanders into their mind constantly even if they receive a call from their kid inform they have reached the location successfully. So, in this case, you can get their locations easily and see whether they arrive at the location mentioned by them or not. Tracking app greatly helps in case of a kid as they help the parent to track on the suspicious internet activities and threats such as cyber-bullying that help them to protect their kid. Real-time monitoring enables you to trace locations accurately and precisely on a map. You can get this app from https://phonetracking.net and know more about how to use the app.

Way 4: Track location via Android phone location app

You can use the free android phone location app that is capable of performing various spying activities used to track suspect current location, in case you have an account on Google. In order to locate phone location freely, download and install the app from the application store.

View Video Below for more details:

Features of the app-

  • Capable of locating android locations via logged Google account
  • The user can rest screen lock pin
  • Erase all the personal data from the lost phone
  • Set off alarm or siren sounds
  • Lock the phone fully

How to track lost phone location

Step1- switch onto the android device manager

  • Visit setting> security
  • Click onto the remotely located device option and turned them on

Step2– Turn location access-

  • Visit setting>location
  • Google it on

Step3– Track phone location-

  • Access tracker app
  • Sign in to Google account
  • Swipe to bottom of screen and access all mentioned the device
  • Choose the device you wish to locate
  • You will see a map and device phone on it
  • Access to other mentioned features

Way 5: Track a cell phone location via Family locator app

The app is specially designed for an android device that helps parents to keep an eye on their kid’s location or spouse location with the simple and easy user interface. The parent won’t require any technical or computer skill to manage the app features and with the help of it can track family member location fast and instantly within few seconds. You can download and install this wonderful app from the store for absolutely free.

Download Family locator app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoemob.gpstracking


  • It enables you to create groups for rapid communication after getting fully engaged with this app and track locations easily.
  • You will be able to know about the last location of the lost or stolen phone
  • It is completely free and many of the parents have already installed this app
  • Easy to use and equipped with the user-friendly interface even a layman can use it effectively as it requires no extraordinary computer skill.

Some features of GPS tracker

Real-time- User can do real tracking as the service are offered to the users 24×7 and also user can track the suspect vehicle to know where it is getting ahead of.

Event alert– Event alert is one of the important features as you do not have to get stick with the tracking app when the software finds suspect getting ahead to a particular place or frequently visiting same places the user will get notified or receive an SMS. It can timely alert you if your kid is about to indulge in an illegal activity by setting high safety priority.

GPS device advantage- The phone tracking apps are capable of working perfectly in rough and tough condition as they are fully certified.

Saving data for 360 days– Plotting of geographical locations of the vehicle on maps can be saved for at least 360 days.

Vehicle tracking accuracy- The GIS technology enables the user to get precise and accurate location information. A high precise location ensures correct information of the suspect no matter, where they are or getting ahead off.

Customer support– The phone tracking app service provider supports their customer 24×7 in case they got stuck with any doubt or question.

User-friendly interface- As the apps are easily accessible to all kind of operating systems they correctly serve users with the good user-friendly interface.

100% undetectable- The phone tracking apps are undetectable which means that the suspect can’t figure out who is tracking their locations and activities. This implies you are perfectly safe and secure.

Monitor teens– if you always remain in doubts whether the kids have indulged in some illegal or false activity or not, then these apps seems to be beneficial for you as now you will be able to see their activities along with location easily. Some of the other details of tracking location may include such as the timestamp and route. GPS tracking provides timely information about the kid such as their current location and places visited by your kid frequently.

These are some of the top-notch features that have already served greatly to the existing users and now you too can exploit its benefits.


The spying technology has evolved greatly over the past few years and aims to provide users with topmost features. Cell phone location apps provide accurate results with some additional information and are reliable. This enables the user to get a precise suspect location without any disturbance. If you wish to see what your kid or spouse do or at what place they frequently visit in your absence then do install XySpy app from Google play store at free of cost.

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