6 Ways to Hack Wi-fi on iPhone with or without Jailbreak

6 Ways to Hack Wi-fi on iPhone with or without Jailbreak

6 Ways to Hack Wi-fi on iPhone with or without Jailbreak

6 Ways to Hack Wi-fi on iPhone with or without Jailbreak

6 Ways to Hack Wifi password for iPhone users

Wi-Fi set up is very essential to get the continuous usage of internet without worrying about the interruptions. This wireless fidelity gives us an inexpensive option where we can set up on any of the device such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and PCs. Moreover, we can protect its usage by unauthorized users by setting up a password. Nobody else other than you can use the Wi-Fi. This has made us completely rely on wireless fidelity instead of data pack. You can download any app or easily access the internet for long with good speed.

6 Ways to Hack Wifi password for iPhone users

6 Ways to Hack Wifi password for iPhone users

The Wi-Fi set up is usually seen in schools, public places, colleges and even in companies to give the fast and easy access to internet for their use. Well, able to access internet connectivity for free is pretty amazing but what if you cannot access it. What if the user has set a password which you don’t know or cannot ask to them, what you will do? Here are few ways to crack the password.

6 ways to crack Wi-Fi password

When it comes to phone, jailbreak is required to access the device without permission. This method is really challenging that’s why people look for ways that don’t need jailbreak.


The popular and amazing app or tool in the list is XySpy. It let you break the password without need of jailbreak. The app offers benefits and features that amaze the users. Some of the hacking activities are illegal and not satisfying however XySpy is far better than those tricks. It is no detectable and millions of users trust on it to get their purpose done. To use it, click on website https://xyspy.com/install-free-spy-app/. Complete all the procedure mentioned on the site for downloading and get the app on device.

Few things have to be completed before you actually start using it. Create an account as it is mandatory so that developers know who all registered users of the tool are. The username and password should be made by the users. Use the same for login to the panel. Now, using its features you can hack Wi-Fi password. Moreover, you can change it or restrict other users to access the internet. Other than this, it has benefits such as:

  • Access to GPS location
  • Access to calls and allow managing it
  • Access to track messages
  • Check their web history
  • Hack password of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter and Wi-Fi

XySpy let you do amazing things are easy to do and will not be available on other apps.


The best and most trusted application other than XySpy to hack password of Wi-Fi. It let you hack any password no matter how tough it is. It let you scan all the Wi-Fi networks nearby you and hack their password. You can use any of the strongest network to access the internet. it is easy and offer benefits like:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with OS
  • Easy to use
  • Check the wifi network security
  • Generate WEP keys

So, iWepPro let you crack password easily with these benefits.

WiFiAudit Pro

Another reliable hacking application in the list is WiFiAudit Pro to hack password on iPhone. This is a dedicated application to steal all the device password or password of wifi routers. It let you create WPA keys for network as well. Using this you can also check the security of the wi-fi network and router easily. Moreover, you can save the password and use it on other devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and other. It is easy to find the information of any network using WiFiAudit Pro. This app is also compatible with all operating system.


Hacking the password is difficult for iPhone users due to its security features. But, it is not difficult with instabridge. This not only hack the nearby wifi password but also let you see those available to you. you can thus choose from the list and connect to  any network cracking their password. This is pretty much useful when you are on trip and your internet pack is expired. Use this app and scan the network available to you. It is advantageous as it has access to large database, works even on offline mode, and download list of all available hotspots near you, user-friendly and easy to use.


This app is free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to use wifi. The application needs no jailbreak. This is available at app store from the cydia. Get the app from store and install it on the iPhone. It offers benefits such as easy hacking, free to download, good compatibility and more. With less effort now it’s easy with this app to steal any network’s password.


The app is designed for hacking password only for iPhone users. The users find it reliable and thus it is in popularity. Download it and search the networks that are near to you, get their password and use internet as much you need.


So, these were the 6 essential apps for cracking password of wifi so that your download and internet access runs continuously without any interruptions. Check the compatibility of your iPhone and apps mentioned. All the choices are best but if you have any confusion which to choose then trust on XySpy. This is a complete spy tool and not just a wifi hacker. It let you not only steal the password of wifi network but also let you steal device password, facebook, whatsapp and other password of social media. App locks and hidden Medias are also accessible. Not only the locked content but also the deleted or removed content is accessible. The hacking is reached to next level with this application. Thus, it has become a popular reason to choose as no need to find other apps for multiple purposes.

Get the single app and all your purposes are done efficiently. Get it from the link we have shared above. Now, you will never run out from the internet pack.


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