6 Ways to Track an iPhone

6 Ways to Track an iPhone

6 Ways to Track an iPhone

6 Ways to Track an iPhone

Know top 6 Ways to Track an iPhone

You might have heard about tracking someone else iPhone using spying apps but do you know how you too can track cell phone easily? If not so then continue reading the following article as it covers all the important information regarding the XySpy and also 5 Solutions to Track an iPhone without any hassle. The today’s technology and advancement provide ample of solutions through which you can trace anyone’s phone with best user-interface models within few seconds. Searching spy app online could be lethal that’s why we bring you some of the ways via which you can track someone’s iPhone easily without letting them know about it.

Know top 6 Ways to Track an iPhone

Know top 6 Ways to Track an iPhone

Each solution is briefly discussed in detail so go through it and also you will see how you can apply these top-notch solutions in real life. But before you know about the solutions, have a look over what are spying apps and how they can make our life keep moving on right track.

6 ways to track an iPhone

Way 1: XySpy App

Way 1: XySpy App

Way 1: XySpy App

Phone Spy App are next-generation software that is used to record all the outgoing and incoming calls, activities performed by the targeted person and SMS send or received by him/her. Also, you can keep track of the targeted person device such as Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp; furthermore their locations can be tracked easily. The installed spy app is 100% undetectable by the targeted person and can be easily hidden in the background of the phone.

It is fact that we live in this agile world where people interact with each other on the daily basis, so undoubtedly it is inevitable that your near and dear ones get addicted to this online world straightforwardly. But what bothers you more than this is their behavior towards you and other people, this could be dangerous and in some cases become a reason for a number of problems. So, in order to understand what your spouse, kid or employees are doing you have to install XySpy app for effective monitoring of activities performed by them. You will never be able to figure out the reason behind their weird behavior if you skip the idea of using a spy app to keep a check onto them.

There are considerable advantages of phone spy apps which make your task easier and the service you with desired results. Here, a question might pop up in your mind why to use such kind of spy apps.

Reasons to use XySpy App

Given below are three topmost reasons that let you use the spy app without any doubt or confusion, just have a look onto to it-

To monitor children

Why keep an eye over the kids? We all know that social media not only have numerous advantages but it does have some of the disadvantages such as the cyber-bullying and other illegal activities. So, in order to protect your kid from all these kind of illegal and false activities that can damage not only their brain but also result in drastic behavior change. You can monitor the outgoing and incoming calls, their current location and messages send or received on the social media apps using the spy apps. You can keep them away from cyber crimes and predators via keeping track of their activities. Just install phone spy app on suspect iPhone and that’s it.

To monitor employees

Yes, it true there are numerous spy apps that let you monitor employee’s activities such as messages send or received by the employees during work. You can check whether any of your employees are secretly selling company’s secrets to your rival company underneath your nose. The chatting with people during working hours could be as dangerous as every now and then changes take place in business, so keeping an eye is a must.

To monitor spouse

It is obvious that the weird behavior of your spouse might constantly ruin your life but what could be done in such cases? Installing a XySpy app seems to be advantageous as you will be able to see what all activities gets performed by your spouse on the social media that keeps her/him away from you. In this way, you can identify the reason that is causing a rift between you and your partner using spy app that is nowadays easily available online. What else can you do? You can check whether your spouse is cheating on you and in your absence meeting someone else, this is one among those things that need not be ignored or leave as it is because it can destroy your life.

Way 2: Track suspect iPhone with TheTruthSpy

Way 2: Track suspect iPhone with TheTruthSpy

Way 2: Track suspect iPhone with TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com/track-iphone-phones/

You need not be technically expert as thousands of spying apps can do the desired job perfectly. All you have to do is install the spy app on suspect iPhone. This XySpy app is available easily with packed feature such as effective monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls, reading send or received e-mails, track text messages, monitoring internet browsing activities and GPS location tracking in real time. Millions of people have already installed it as it is available in an intuitive interface that can display suspect activities in real time, so in order to gain direct access to the topmost features given below are some of the steps that let you install it-

Step 1- Register software and install it on the suspect or targeted person device

Step 2– Now just login to the dashboard of TheTruthSpy and began tracing suspect activities on an iPhone. A wide range of features and options can be seen when you get successfully greeted with the dashboard.

Step 3– Learn to identify where the suspect is in real time using the user-friendly interface just by clicking on the location feature. An automatic alert and configure of several parameters is also served to the user via geofencing set-up after the suspect has breached. It is really a handy feature that can be used to track both employees and kids.

Way 3: Track suspect iPhone with GuestSpy

Way 3: Track suspect iPhone with GuestSpy

Way 3: Track suspect iPhone with GuestSpy

Website: https://guestspy.com

There are several good reasons to use this app; it is being widely used worldwide because of the convincing features offered to the customers. This tracking app enables tracking not only on the iPhone but also on the android that allows viewing of call logs, target cell browsing activities, and analyzes call logs easily.

Step1- Create GuestSpy app account after purchasing it so as to access great features and channels

Step2– Now enter all the suspect device information after getting logged into the GuestSpy account

Step3– You can then use the dashboard and track suspect activities such as social media posts, messages, calls and GPS location

Way 4: Track suspect iPhone with free Phone Tracker

Website: https://phonetracking.net

The free phone tracker app provides many interesting things and is known best to serve the customers. Given below is some of the listed feature offered to the customer-

Call tracking- All the incoming and outgoing cell calls can be tracked via the free phone tracker. You can get timestamp details of the caller in real time basis.

Message tracking- Have a look over the messages send or received via the tracked device. All the relevant details such as the timestamp and caller details can be tracked easily. A special feature let you peep into the deleted messages.

GPS location- This is a great feature that let you monitor activities of employees, spouse, and kids. It is considered one of the useful tools, as all the information can be revealed down through it.

Social media tracking– It includes tracking of Facebook, viber, skype and whatsapp in considerable steps using the tracking app. You can see what all videos, pictures, and content is being posted by the suspect on their iPhone and how frequently the message is being sent.

Monitor web activities- We all know people visit sites every now and then for fulfilling day to day need, so you can track your kid’s iPhone and see what all sites do the kids visit and what type of content they frequently browser. In this way, you will be able to protect the kid from threats and cyber crimes. You will be able to safeguard the kids from awful and inappropriate contents available on the web.

Way 5: Track iPhone without the app: Google Timeline

About Google Timeline: https://www.google.com/maps/timeline?pb

If you get surprised after hearing that it is possible to track a lost phone, then read more about it from the below paragraphs. Your Timeline is a new feature that always keeps a record of your activities no matter where you visit to make use of this handy feature and let us get started to know more about it with some steps-

Step1– Sign in Google account using the Google Timeline

Step2- From the left-hand panel, select a present date after you got successfully signed in

Step3– All the places you visit with various time parameters get enlisted, scroll down and click onto to the latest updated destination

Step4– If the location or destination has not got changed from past updates, you can retrieve the lost iPhone as your phone is immobile at this single position. Take help from the local authority if you find your lost device constantly moving from one location to another location.

Way 6: Track lost iPhone using Find My iPhone

This sheer performance app supports Apple devices greatly and is available easily in the market. You just have to download the Find My iPhone from the app store-

Step1- installs the app on your current iPhone and activates it to find out the stolen iPhone

Step2- Now gets access to an iCloud account on the web and Click onto the option-Find iPhone button mentioned in the second row

Step3– Now all the devices can be clicked which you desire to hold on from the drop-down menu option

Step4- You can see your stolen iPhone whereabouts on a real-time basis, send a message to your stolen device, erase or lock the device

Get Find My iPhone at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-my-iphone/id376101648?mt=8

Benefits of Tracking an iPhone

Benefits of Tracking an iPhone

Benefits of Tracking an iPhone

There is lots of spy app benefited out of which some the notable and remarkable ones are enlisted below, have a close look over it-

Compatibility- the tracking app work well on the operating system or platform and one need not worry about being detected. The software provides great compatibility and best services to the user.

Guidance of 24 hours- The control panel is available 24×7 and the user is free to ask question or doubts to well-trained experts about the features or how the app work.

Tracking on real-time– The control panel lets the user track onto the suspect activities such as the incoming & outgoing calls, messages received or send, social media activities, GPS location, and web history. Through this you will be able to identify what your spouse, kid or employee is hiding from you, this will let you take appropriate actions on time.

Notified easily- You do not have to access frequently the spy app as you will be notified whenever the suspect or targeted person posts something or visit a different location.

Remain undetected- Undoubtedly the spying apps are 100% undetectable which implies that the suspect will never ever be able to detect your spying activities. Hence, you can use all the spying features and control panel effectively.

User-friendly interface- This is one of the foremost concern when one installs a spy app whether the app provides a good and user-friendly interface or not. Surely, all the above-mentioned apps provide a nice interface to the users that let them use all the features without creating a hassle.


Nowadays phone tracking app is great in demand as it fulfills all user need and requirement thoroughly without causing any discomfort. The spying techniques and methods got strengthened in the past few years with lots of new advantages and feature and have effectively solved all the drawbacks. All the above-mentioned five solutions that are used to track an iPhone serve the user without innovative spy features and techniques and you too can install the app from http://xyspy.com. But before you install it find the suspect or targeted person on whom you can use it- they could be your kids, spouse or employees.

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