10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

Get the best 10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

The Internet is no doubt a great place to execute work, entertainment, and a lot more research work. Google has played a vital role to enhance the progress and development of the society. But it is not safe enough for certain age groups especially teenage and kids. Those rattling scandals, obscene videos, vulgar contents, social harassment speech and political views etc. revolve around the cyberspace freely which is not safe or meaningful for kids. Usually kids watch videos and read literature that relates to scandals and often try the same at home with siblings. This may lead to severe consequences someday. Does internet helpful only in education and project making? Do kids spend time on internet for school research projects only? If you often find them busy with chatting sites or on websites which states entertainment games then you must take a step to control their activities.

Get the best 10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

Get the best 10 Best Parental Guidance Apps for iPhone and Android

Fortunately, parents could save their child’s mindset by using the best parental guidance apps for iPhone and Android OS. Whether children have a personal smartphone or spend time on your device, you can set a parental control setting by using a specific type of application designed to restrict unwanted contents. Checkout the list of 10 parental control apps that you can install on a device easily and go through the quick installation-

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com/one-cell-phone-parental-control-thetruthspy/

It is an ultimate application which helps to monitor the activities of the kids over a phone. Tablets, smartphones, and computers operating system are compatible with the application programming. Its key features are-

  • It could track the GPS location of the device once active 24 hours
  • It manages calls, logs and follows them
  • TheTruthSpy blocks websites and applications which may have vulgar content for the safety of your kids automatically
  • Media access such as photos and videos is set under restrict mode for the kids

The best parental control app is available at the play store as well as iOS apple store for free. You can try the version to ascertain the values of its key features, later purchase the entire app for lifetime access.

#2 XySpy

#2 XySpy

#2 XySpy

Cyberbullying is another primary cause for which parents need applications in a smartphone for their kid’s wellbeing. Girls especially face significant issues regarding the cybercrimes and frauds while chatting to someone strange. Rape cases have increased because of online pornography, incomplete education about online threats and predators. So, XySpy is the only best parental control app that will help you in tracking the current status of the activities on a device. The application possesses GPS tracking facility, SMS tracking, keylogger, browse call history track report

  • Call recording
  • Screenshot capture regularly

By using the XySpy app, you can monitor any device that is compatible with your smartphone device. Its free version is accessible on the play store and apple store, so you don’t need to register the credit card.

#3 SpyAdvice

#3 SpyAdvice

#3 SpyAdvice

Website: https://spyadvice.com/spy-kids/

A multi user application is always in demand by parents. Out of so many apps for parental control in the market, SpyAdvice is a reliable application that is entirely safe, and accessible for multiple devices at the same time. If you have more than two kids and they separately access smartphones, then it is the most helpful parental control app. Its key features are-

  • Weekly internet schedule created
  • Powerful content filtration
  • Cal tracking facility
  • Configure and monitor applications
  • Configuration and management online is possible

#4 Kaspersky Safe Kids

Website: https://www.kaspersky.com/safe-kids

To build a safe area for kids on a smartphone operating system, it’s beneficial to download and install Kaspersky Safe kid’s app. It helps to send alerts. Content filtration is the best key feature you will get through this app. It helps in tracking locations, monitor text as well as calls. Social networks monitoring is also possible at-large level.

Key features of the application are-

  • GPS track
  • Age permissions
  • Content filter
  • Call/ text monitoring
  • Extensive reporting
  • It helps to block dangerous websites
  • Affordable in cost

#5 Quostodio

Website: https://www.qustodio.com/en/

A safe digital atmosphere is necessary for kids at home and in school. You cannot curtail the use of internet because it has become a necessity to operate educational stuff and work processes. But you can safely bring a platform for kids and family by installing the Quostodio app. It has a dominant supervisory feature that smartly filters the content and displays what is appropriate. The most beneficial feature it brings for you is the restriction modes on pornography websites and tools. It widely focuses on social media activities. It controls the access to games which are harmful and control their features. On the other hand, it also focuses on call track records, messages as well as phone location.

#6 Secure Teen

Website: https://www.secureteen.com

Smartphone monitoring is now easy as you have the opportunity to install the best parental control app, i.e., Secure Teen. It is known to correct the vital concern of children’s security and offers a pure chance to the parents to restrict what kids watch and do on the internet platform. The key features you will find in the particular app are-

  • They safe in search and limit the unwanted vulgar advertisements or websites
  • Filters internet and different auto search results on Google, or any other online search engine
  • Track locations
  • Web history monitoring on a regular basis
  • Blocks applications which are not suitable for kid’s age group
  • SMS monitor
  • Remote management
  • Social media control possible

#7 My Mobile Watchdog

Website: https://www.mymobilewatchdog.com

Short term game blocking, application restrictions and internet connection drop features are some foremost advantages you can avail through my mobile watchdog. As the name suggests, you can block the internet access for the time being if kids are busy playing over the phone for a long time. They often refuse to do homework, play with friends or involved with parents at home because of unlimited internet access. To prevent them from being on the internet for an extended period it is advisable to download my mobile watchdog app.

  • It serves elementary installation facility
  • Gives you that temporary block option of the internet
  • And easy to view website history

#8 AVG Family Safety

Website: https://www.avg.com/en-ww/homepage

Wish to block all that dubious content on your web browser? Then you must install the AVG Family Safety app on your smartphone. It works on both the operating system, i.e., iOS and Android. There are two control methods of operation-

  • Filters websites and applications
  • Monitors software, functions location and operates vulgar web browsers
  • Straightforward to install and filters content
  • Free of cost

#9 ESET Parental Control

Website: https://parentalcontrol.eset.com

When you search for a reliable and free of cost application on play store for parental control, then ESET parental control application could serve the most genuine purpose. It is easy to install and have no complicated configuration process. There are various subjects which need chief concerns on the internet portals. You cannot keep sitting with the child now and then to keep an eye, so this particular software serves as a watchman. It will keep you updated on the internet activities that kids execute while you are away.

However, ESET Parental Control applications come for a cost of $69 which is meant as a one-time investment annually. You can track or spy on three different smartphones in one package. Advantages that you get through the application are-

  • Limits internet access time as per your requirement
  • Filters content very quickly after a successful setup
  • Brings excellent support through customer care service
  • Accurate GPS tracker system

#10 AppSpy

Website: https://appspy.net

Nothing is better than using a parental control application to spy on kids. At AppSpy, you can access various applications that help in spying phones of different operating systems. As the name suggests, Net Nanny blocks content on the internet which contains adult videos, pornography advertisements or product listings which have nothing to do with the kid’s mental development. Geo-Fencing is another significant advantage that you can avail through the parental control applications. The price of the particular app for iPhone is $60 on a yearly basis.

How to install the parental control applications on iOS and Android

It is quite easy to install the free of cost available parental control apps on apple store.

  • First of all, type the parental control app keyword on the given space and then take a look at the top rated apps. If you aspire to install a free version to check its credibility, then the applications mentioned above are the most beneficial ones.
  • Secondly, after installation, go to the settings page and activate the application. Now you are ready to use all available features of the app.
  • For paid versions, you are supposed to go the payment gateway and confirm the credit card CVV number to complete the purchase. However, the entire process is the same as you performed for the free version.
  • In Android devices, go to the install option and access the application features without making any changes in the phone settings.

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