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How to spy Facebook using XySpy App

Do you know that it is possible to spy a Facebook account? If not then read this article and you will come to know how to hack a Facebook account! Hacking a Facebook account of the kids and spouse have become important today due to the increased cybercrime. Spying chats and other activity of the Facebook user is the only way to keep them safe and secure. Thus, many parents, as well as partners today, make use of XySpy app. Do you know what is it?

How to spy Facebook using XySpy App

XySpy is a spy application which is used so as to hack the Android or iOS device. This application provides full security as well as privacy to the user and lets him do monitoring of the target Facebook or phone user.  There is no need for you to pay charges to use it and it is 100% free but you need to have a good data connection on your phone so as to use it. If you have slow or no internet connection then it won’t be possible for you to monitor using spy app.

XySpy- how to use it for spying Facebook

XySpy- how to use it for spying Facebook

XySpy- how to use it for spying Facebook

To use it you have to make an account on a XySpy. Enter email id or use the phone number to make an account then log in once you have successfully signed up. You then have to download it and install it in your iPhone or Android device. Once, installed successfully you get the access to your user control board from where you can see target phone user activity. To view the activity of target phone user and to hack Facebook fill in the details asked and click on continue.

With XySpy, you can monitor conversations from Facebook messaging.

  • View all messages received and sent from different conversations
  • View the details of each message with its date, type, recipient
  • No root required – It is not necessary that the phone is rooted

Install XySpy App

After sometimes you will be notified that the phone is hacked. You can view the victim’s real-time activity from the control panel and read the Facebook chats, messages, photos, files. You can see Facebook search history, record its usage and get all the details recorded. You can keep all the recordings safe with you in your control panel or download it on your phone.

Thus, did you see how simple it is to use this app and hack Facebook account! If yes, then give it a try and hack the Facebook account of your loved ones. Continuously monitoring your loved ones will be beneficial as you can see when they do anything wrong and stop them from doing wrong things. You can block the strangers and unknown persons who try to contact your kids or love ones. Thus, they cannot chat with them and brainwash them.

Other Features of XySpy

This is thus, a useful application for any parents or partners. You can also use other features of the XySpy which are given below-

  • GPS tracker get the exact location of the phone and date & time stamp along it.
  • Record calls record the recent calls and listen to them anytime.
  • View call logs– see the name and number saved, contact history, other details.
  • View SMS chats– view full chats of target phone and see name and number of the person whom they chat.
  • View IM chats– read conversation of victim’s WhatsApp account or Facebook account.
  • View social media activity-see the social media account of the victim and read his/her chats.
  • View internet history– sees the URLs and sites visited by target phone user and block inappropriate sites.
  • View app usage- sees the recordings of app usage and you will come to know which the most used app is.
  • View calendar event- see what is the plans of target person on this weekend or on a specific date.
  • View email chats- see the chats of the email account of the target person and view the media shared.

View All Feature Download Free Spy App


These are a few activities which you can record using the XySpy. Employers can use it as well and record the activity of the workers. This will help them know how many hours the employee worked and how productive he/she is for the company. If you see that a certain employee is involved in fraudulent activity then you can remove them from your company. Also, when you catch the employee who is cheating you will be the lesson for other employees and they will think twice before doing any activity.

You will reach the official site of the app and from there you can download it and start hacking the target phone (children, spouse or employee’s phone). There will be no restriction or harm to your device by using it. You will be undetected when using this spyware and so no need for you to worry about privacy risk.