Free Cell Phone Spy Features

Features of the Free Cell Phone Spy App

Any app is known due to its features. It is not the number of features that give you benefits, but it is its quality. With the XySpy, you get the advantage of both good features and in a large number. This application is an all in one spying solution that is compatible with all the needs of spying. You can use it for whatever reason you have, and this app will not let you down.

Features of the Free Cell Phone Spy App

Features of the Free Cell Phone Spy App

Here are some of the best features that that these free cell phone spy app provide its users:

  • Let’s you monitor internet activities– you can monitor all the internet activities that the target performs with his phone. You can access the browsing history and can know what the suspect has been watching. This feature is best for the concerned parents who want to save their child from getting into cyber crimes and bullies.
  • The keylogger feature– key logger is the feature that lets you know all the passwords saved on the phone of the target. This feature reads the strike on the key each time and interprets the password that the user types on his phone. This lets you know all the application locks and social account passwords that the user types on his phone.
  • Access the email account– this application lets you access the email account of the user. You can read all the emails sent or received along with the attached files if any. You can also access any other similar account with this app.
  • Access multimedia files– all the images, videos, songs and audio files, etc., saved on the device of the target can be accessed by you. Not only this you will get a notification each time there is a change in the multimedia content of the targeted phone. By this, you can know what the user has been watching.
  • Read the contact list– you can read all the contacts of the user’s phone and can get the information of any person you want. You can also see the call logs of the target and can know the duration date and time for which the call has been made and to whom.

Here are some more features that will make your spying experience the best

  • GPS tracker– this feature lets you track the location of the target in real time. By the global positioning unit, you can know where the target goes. If there is any change in the location of the target, you will be informed with the help of notification. The GPS unit of the XySpy gives the best and most accurate results.
  • SMS spy– SMS is the most common and best way of communication. All the private chats and talks are done through SMS only. Therefore knowing the SMS chats of a person is an important part of spying. The XySpy lets its users read all the text messages sent and made by the target.
  • Spy call– this again the best part of spying. If you need to spy on someone, then you have to have access to his calling details and calls. With the help of XySpy, you can listen to the calls of the target secretly. Every time the target makes or receives a call, you will get a notification and can have access to it immediately.
  • Call recording– you can record all the calls of the suspect and save them on your online account and listen to them later on. If you are not able to attend the call, this application will automatically record all the calls.
  • Ambient voice recording- when you are suspicious about the whereabouts of a person this is the best feature after the GPS tracker. With the help of ambient voice recording, you can listen to all the surrounding voices of the target, for example, the conversations going on around the targeted person etc.
  • WhatsApp spy as you all know that WhatsApp is the most popular source of communication these days it is important to have access to it too. You can all the conversations that the suspect makes with the help of WhatsApp and can read the files shared on it too. XySpy also lets you to read the hidden messages and get the knowledge of the user.
  • Social chats mentoring– not only the WhatsApp chats, but you can also read the conversations made over all the other social messaging applications. Even the chats done over the social accounts can be accessed by you very easily.

You will clearly not get all the features that too in the best quality in any other mobile spy. XySpy not only brings with it the trust and guarantee of best results but also provides its users various benefits.