10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile

10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile

10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile

10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Other PC and Mobile

Best Facebook Hacker Apps: 10 Ways to Free Hack Facebook from Mobile and Other PC

Facebook had an edge over with approximately 2 billion active users in the market till date. It will continue to offer interesting and innovative social networking features to the active users. However, it has also become the very first platform in the eyes of cybercriminals. Hackers, spammers, and fraudsters target Facebook as it allows accessing of someone’s personal information within seconds without violating the company policy.

Best Facebook Hacker Apps

Best Facebook Hacker Apps

Not only hackers and spammers contribute to cybercrime world, but there are also lots of companies and seekers that engage in high skilled cyber espionage so as to beat their rival companies. How it may harm you?

We all know that today, each and every individual has an Facebook account. Since the features and service by Facebook are awesome and huge in number, not only kid & youngsters but also a businessman, elder’s even parents make use of it. So, there is 99.999% probability your son or daughter, boyfriend/girlfriend, employee or spouse is using it. Imagine what will happen if your kid or spouse is caught in social networking pitfalls. Now, you might have got the reasons behind the title of this article. In order to stay away, your near and dear ones from attacks by hackers to try the hacking tools mentioned here.

Top 10 ways to hack someone’s Facebook from mobile or other PC:

Way 1: Using Phishing

Way 1: Using Phishing

Way 1: Using Phishing

One of the most common and popular attacking way used by hackers is Phishing for hacking someone’s Facebook account. Of course, there are lots of other methods too in order to carry out this special technique for the attack, but cloning someone’s Facebook login page seems to be an all-in-one solution. You can create a fake Facebook login page as that of your kid, spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend that looks original so as to fool your kid. This way you get to know the password and you can copy the “password” and “email address” so as to view photos posted, videos shared and chat carried out by your kid.

You can even store that data on your mobile or PC without bothering of logging on Facebook page again and again. You can even download important files from the victim’s cell phone so as to view credentials. What if a hacker is using a phishing technique to spy your kid?

You can avoid that condition by adopting the following steps-

  • Ensure that your kid, spouse do not log in from another device such as their friend device.
  • Make sure you deleted all the emails present on your kid’s mail that ask for instant Facebook login
  • Delete all the other browsers expect chrome from kid’s cell phone

Way 2: Browser saved password

Way 2: Browser saved password

Way 2: Browser saved password

It is known that web browsers usually ask to record password along with a username when someone logs in their Facebook page. Since it is our tendency when just want instantly without getting any delay so we hit on the save password button blindly. Same happens when you log in any new site and do not want to search it again and again. Due to this hackers can easily hack someone password within seconds. Now imagine your kid or spouse has just logged in Facebook profile page and blindly clicking on the save password option, would you mind if hackers steal some of your kid’s data? Of course, you would mind a lot. Using the same technique you can visit your kid Facebook URL and log out. You can even protect yourself. How? Just follow the steps below-

  • On your mobile browser, do not save login credentials
  • Make and use a strong password so that hacker never identifies it

Way 3: E-mail hacking

Way 3: E-mail hacking

Way 3: E-mail hacking

Email hacking is all time favorite cybercriminal activity that gets used by the hackers to hack someone email account. How hackers do it? First of all, hackers get full access by connecting with someone’s email ID through Facebook and they manually change the Facebook password for using it purposely. It is a fact that everyone has an Facebook account as well as email account no matter whether they actually use it daily or not. Your employees to have an email account and using this hacking technique you will be able to attack as well as enable two-factor authentication easily. If you find your employee betraying you, straightaway apply following two steps-

  • Hack their password and consistently visit their email account to know their main motive
  • Enable two-step authentication on your company Gmail account
  • Do not put important company detail on your Gmail account

Way 4: Mobile phone hacking

There are dozens of mobile phone hacking tools available on the web and anyone can purchase it at an affordable price for getting optimum results. Out of all the hacking apps, the XySpy app is the most used and renowned tool till date due to the awesome and innovative feature. People from all parts of the world make use of it in order to figure out more about their kid, employees, and spouse. Since there are lots of features available, users do not have to worry about whether they get notification of the new message or not. Surely, they will get it via the alert and notification feature. This application is best known to hack Facebook account without installing and downloading the app on the target phone.

Other features of it-

It is capable of hacking-

  • GPS location
  • SMS messages
  • IM chats
  • Multimedia files and documents
  • Keylogger
  • Social media pictures, videos and sharings

How to download and install it? You need to approach this link https://xyspy.com/install-free-spy-app/ and everything is available at your doorsteps.

Way 5: Viewing masked passwords

Do you know what a masked password is? How hackers are able to see anyone’s masked password? Masked passwords are those passwords that automatically get saved along with other credentials on your browser. Hackers just do it by creating slight changes in the browser from inspecting elements. That’s why is best recommended never to leave PC without signing out from Facebook page. You can use this hack for your purpose if the kid or spouse hasn’t sign out from their respective Facebook page. The login credentials will help you in getting important information about target without getting noticed.

Way 6: Session Hijacking

Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Session_hijacking

Are you sure you don’t access Facebook on non-secure (HTTP) connection? If you are not sure then hacker may take the initiative of session hijacking technique so as to steal someone’s Facebook data. What all gets hacked? Hackers are best known to steal someone’s browser cookies using this session hijacking attack technique. It is mainly used to validate target on site and have full access over target account. You too can try session hijacking technique so as to hack target password (partner, kid or employee) using WI-FI or LAN connections.

Way 7: USB hacking

Spammers and hacking can have full physical access to mobile or your PC. It can be easily done by simply inserting USB that allows hackers to steal information stored on your kid’s PC even your laptop. The pre-installed keylogger malware does this job. Can you do anything to avoid displaying self as well kid’s personal information? Yes, follow the steps below-

  • Never allow insertion of Untrusted USB device to your PC or mobile
  • After you plugged in, just scan for any USB device
  • Never ever purchase any second-hand device

Way 8: Hacking Wi-Fi network

Learn more Ways to hack Wi-Fi at AppSpy: https://appspy.net/6-ways-hack-wifi-password-android/

It is 100% possible that cybercriminals can make your kid’s Wi-Fi router their target. It becomes even more dangerous when you make use of the Wi-Fi router with a set password. What happens when hacker or spammers are into Wi-Fi network? Each and every information is stored on your spouse or kid’s PC gets transmitted over the internet to the hackers. Can you avoid such situations? Of course, just follow the given below steps-

  • Never ever make use of public Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi. This same is applicable for your kid, spouse
  • If you own a router then prefer to change Wi-Fi password frequently or on a regular basis
  • Always go for virtual private network or VPN instead of public Wi-Fi

Way 9: Logout

Website: https://www.facebook.com/help/225861947424289

Do you often forget to leave your PC or mobile unattended for a while? Since you have left your Facebook profile logged in; you commit one of the biggest mistakes that need to be avoided. If you live in a hostel then your room partner can access your Facebook account in your absence and this may lead to problems later on. Therefore, it is best advised to log out Facebook account after posting photos, videos, sharing even scrolling down. Your one mistake can break your relationship with your girlfriend or other friends.

Way 10: TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

This is another hacking tool in the market for Facebook hacking. You can download and install it from the official website and get a free trial of it after creating an account on it. The features are not only easy to use but also bring reliable results to the user. If you have any queries related to the app then you can make a call to the customer care service and get the answer to your question as soon as possible.


These are the top 10 ways that help you to hack Facebook from mobile and computer.

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