10 Must-know Free WhatsApp Hack Apps for Android

10 Must-know Free WhatsApp Hack Apps for Android

10 Must-know Free WhatsApp Hack Apps for Android

10 Must-know Free WhatsApp Hack Apps for Android

With the advancement in technology and the availability of technical knowledge and gadgets of using them, today every house possess teenagers and kids that are highly addicted to different social media platforms. In the past few years, instant messaging or IM platforms like WhatsApp has greatly been in use. Off course, no one can deny with the fact that these messaging applications have made the communication process easier. But, it is also true that these messaging applications have numerous threats and risks that have come along with it.

Being a concerned parent, you always wanted to give your children good values but if your kids are constantly using such messaging platforms then it is quite worrying. You greatly have to keep a track on their activities what they conduct and perform on this platform. Well, as it is said every disease has a cure, these technological threats also have hacking applications as a remedy.

Top 10 best free WhatsApp Hack apps for android

Top 10 best free WhatsApp Hack apps for android

Luckily, there are several hacking applications and software developed that has made the hacking and tracking process easier than before. Now, parents who are busy in their work and do not have enough time to look over their kids can use these hacking applications and spy on their WhatsApp account. So, here in this article, we have mentioned some of the well-known free WhatsApp Hacking apps for android that you can use to track your kids WhatsApp account.

Top 10 best free WhatsApp Hack apps for android

1# XySpy App

1# XySpy App

1# XySpy App

It is always proven to be the best hacking application that is why it comes first in the list best WhatsApp Hacking applications. It is a popular spying tool that allows one to easily spy on all the activities that are performed by the target person on his or her device. Due to its excellent features and computability, this app is used by millions of people worldwide. The application offers its users 48 hours of the trial package that you can use to clear all your doubts regarding this app. It is easy to use and install and consists of a control panel with some of the powerful functions and features.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Compatible
  • User-friendly

All these benefits make XySpy a popular hacking app. To use this application you first have to download it from its official website i.e. and install it on the targeted device. Now fill all the required details and create an account. Now, visit the control panel and fetch all the details of the targeted person’s WhatsApp account.

2# TheTruthSpy App

2# TheTruthSpy App

2# TheTruthSpy App

Website: http://thetruthspy.com/whatsapp-hack/

Ranked second among the top 10 spying application is TheTruthSpy has a bunch of features for its users. You can have the most appropriate steps to follow that, in turn, will lead you have all the details fetched from kid’s WhatsApp account. It is also a popular spying application that has various features that make the spying process easier and simple. The application makes use of rooting to build a connection with the target device. There are several features added to it like:

  • Computability
  • Easy installation
  • No jailbreak required

3# NetSpy App

3# NetSpy App

3# NetSpy App

Website: https://www.netspy.net

This spying application is considered best and appreciated for its reliability and simplicity that it provides to its users. It is a great option for an individual who is looking for a spying application without rooting or jailbreak. Moreover, it possesses various features such as GPS tracking, screenshot monitoring, call tracking and detecting changes in the SIM card.

  • Simple functions
  • Innovative features
  • Compatible

4# FlexiSpy app

It is a well-known competitor of the XySpy app. It is also a powerful spying application that allows its users to easily hack someone’s WhatsApp account. The application provides its users several amazing features and is a great choice for users searching for online spying software.

  • Compatible
  • Ergonomic user panel
  • Multiple in-depth options

5# Mobile-spy app

If you are looking for a parental control spy app, then this is the best option for you. With the help of this application, you can enjoy plenty of features as well as WhatsApp tracking features. The application is very much helpful to find the target device if it is lost in the market or any other place. The live control panel of this app supports well with all devices and tasks. Some of its features are:

  • Monitor without the consent of the target
  • Multi-device integration
  • Excellent live options

6# Highster mobile

This spyware falls among the best choices for tracking WhatsApp conversation. It mainly requires rooting of android devices and offers accurate result within a few minutes. The application is proved too reliable and let the hacker hack all the conversation, pictures and videos easily. The application even works on a hidden mode thus target person will never come to know that someone is spying on him or her.

  • Easy control
  • Easy to install
  • Hidden functions

7# iKeyMonitor app

One of the major benefits of using this WhatsApp Hacking app is that it is available with a perfect keylogger feature. But, for tracking the activities of target device you are required to have jailbreaking and rooting. There are several interesting features like unblocking, browsing internet history GPS tracking are available. Some of the best features of this application are:

  • Lifetime licensing
  • Effective usage
  • Hide jailbreak info

8# Appmia app

This application is quite new in the industry of spying application but with some of the innovative and powerful features. It proves to be the best guide for people to track someone’s Whatsapp messages. However, to use this application you have to use the jailbreak. Now, you can easily get access to all the pictures, videos and multimedia files that are exchanged via the targeted person’s WhatsApp account. With it, you can control the target device remotely.

  • Multi-device linking
  • Best monitoring functions
  • Professional software base

9# HoverWatch app

If you are searching for a spying application that can help you perform the tracking task in an easy and intuitive way then HoverWatch is best for you. With the help of this application, you will be able to access all the pictures, photos and videos in an easy way. The application provides you with some of the excellent features through which you can spy messages, calls, use live control panel and GPS location tracking. With it, you can even access other social media sites. The features offered by this application are:

  • High-value features
  • Stress-free installation and usage
  • Compatible

10# Spyzie app

Last but not least, this is the tenth most popular spying application that helps individuals to spy someone’s WhatsApp account. There are several interesting and powerful features that this spying application offers. It is undetectable and allows one to easily hack all the activities of the targeted device without them knowing. The features included in this app are:

  • Re-track messages
  • Easy functions
  • Rooting is not required

Reasons to use spy apps for WhatsApp Hacking

Helps you spy on your partner– due to the high availability of dating applications it is difficult for spouses to keep a track on their partner’s activity. Thus, spy apps help spouses to easily know with whom their partner is talking, whether they are speaking a lie or not. All these things can be easily known with these spying applications. Thus, you can catch your spouse red-handed with evidence.

Keep a track on your kids– unless you make your kids your friend and make them comfortable enough to share things with you they will not share anything with you that is happening in their life. Therefore, you want to check their phone and read conversations done on their WhatsApp account then use spying applications. With the help of spy apps, you can know about the thing that is going on in your kid’s life.

Monitor activities of employees– employees are considered as the backbone of every business. But what if your valuable employees are the cause of low productivity in your firm surely it would be disappointing. Thus, to ensure that your employees are keeping full dedication towards their job it is best to use spy apps. Hence, you can keep a track on the texting habits of your employees both online and offline.


So, these are the top ten best WhatsApp Hack apps that you can use to track someone’s WhatsApp messages. However, one cannot deny with the fact that XySpy still remains on the best of the spying application used for tracking messages, pictures, videos, calls and more. With its, extreme features and services you can easily catch up best solutions and prevent your loved ones from uncertain threats and risks. Moreover, if you have lost your smartphone or finding the exact location of your partner then use GPS location tracker and find your lost phone.

Thus, we can say that spy apps are considered the best solution for all your problems. You can prevent your loved ones form uncertain threats and risks and ensure complete safety. Just remotely handle the target device and start monitoring their WhatsApp account without them knowing.


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