How to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone

How to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone

How to hack someones text messages without having their phone

How to hack someones text messages without having their phone

XySpy – your ultimate assistance to hack text messages of target

Traditional methods to spy or record someone’s activities were always been in use. However, with the time there has been a shift in these methods and whole new ways are emerging today. These techniques are not only efficient but also convenient than traditional ones. Moreover, the conventional methods had lots of drawbacks that result in inefficient tracking of data. Now, anyone can read messages and track even the minute details of the target. Welcome readers to your guide for spying text messages where you don’t have to have the target’s phone.

XySpy - your ultimate assistance to hack text messages of target

XySpy – your ultimate assistance to hack text messages of target

The obvious fact is that gadgets have made things easier but our lives complex. Why? You will agree upon the fact that everyone is busy not only in their life but also on their phone. No matter whether its adults or kids everyone is busy socializing on the internet rather in the real world. There is nothing wrong with being socialized but too much of it may cause problems sometimes especially for the naïve users. Moreover, they don’t even realize that not every person is good.

Too much talking to someone and sharing life gives an advantage to those who genuinely do not care about you. If you get a hint of such activities by your friend, siblings, kids or even spouse then spying become a need especially when they don’t share the issues with you. Don’t worry! It’s simple to do with the method we have will mention here.

Applications are the second best thing that has made every task simpler and quicker. One such is XySpy that’s hacking software full of efficient features to spy. You can get this tool right now from the link –

First, learn about the software here and then go to the link to purchase it.

How do XySpy works

XySpy is a tool that works directly on the device in the background. However, if the software is not installed correctly then you will face issues while operating it. We make sure that you face any problems while spying the target that’s why we have listed the steps to download.

For android

Android users must follow these steps.

  • Hit the link mentioned above then choose the download and install section
  • Click on the tab-download to reach to the next page
  • To the left side of the screen, you will see a download menu, choose the android tab
  • Click on a checkbox under the download section that verifies your willingness to agree on the conditions and terms
  • Settings – enable unknown sources (if not done), disable package verifier from the play store
  • Download the app from the alternative links if you find problems while downloading
  • Install the software then a popup will appear asking for permission
  • Configure the app by registering. A popup may appear saying the target device is rooted and ask the user to choose an option. Click on remember choice forever and allow it.
  • Now activate the XySpy and hide the icon. It is not necessary if you are doing with the permission of the target user else it is needed. Click on yes to confirm the hiding option.
  • It’s done

Note: play store may restrict the download in such a case, click on option install anyway.

Download XySpy for Android Hacking at:

For iPhone/iPad/iPod

IPhone users have to follow different steps given below. However, there are pre-instructions for iPhone users.

Pre-installation instructions

  • Get the device for installation.
  • Jailbreak the device, if already then skips the jailbreaking step. A Cydia icon indicates that it is already done.

Download steps

  • Tap the Cydia icon to launch it.
  • Go to manage and add the link to add the source. Wait till the verification of the URL is done.
  • Go back to the app icon. Now choose the package to begin the installation.
  • Click on install to begin it.
  • You may be asked to restart and enter a pass code. The default pass code is available on the link. However, if you have hidden the icon then you will not see the code as it will disappear after a short time.
  • Now, create an account which is free to create. You can either do it on the website or directly on the phone while installing it.
  • Login to add the device and start spying

Remember that even if you skip a single step you will not get the app on the device and will have to resume the steps. The app is set up and now you will get messages details on your device or at the control panel which is accessible from phone or laptop or PC, whichever you prefer.

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