How to hack someone’s WhatsApp without touching their cell phone

How to hack someone’s WhatsApp without touching their cell phone

How to hack someones WhatsApp without touching their cell phone

How to hack someones WhatsApp without touching their cell phone

Way to hack someone’s WhatsApp without Touching Their Cell Phone (Android)

Hacking apps is the best method of tackling technology limitations today. The software helps you with smart choices and revolution in the world. However, there are many tools and social media software, but you require that apps which open your eyes and can help you to know about the limitations of devices. To save your loved ones and kids from all the threats, XySpy hacking tool has come with many great features. It will ultimately help you to know about someone’s device activities. Many of the great features you will get to experience with XySpy software include-

  • Invisibly and remotely control the activities performed on the victim’s device
  • Get the advance benefits of a user-friendly interface
  • Innovative features with advanced hacking
  • Find out all their current and virtual actions
  • Simple steps of downloading and installation

For all the beginners, the use of this application is really simple. So, they don’t need to require lots of time to learn and to understand the process of download and install. The user-oriented features and advantages of this application make it something different to perform and fulfill all your hacking desires.

Way to hack someone's WhatsApp without Touching Their Cell Phone (Android)

Way to hack someone’s WhatsApp without Touching Their Cell Phone (Android)

Hack someone WhatsApp without touching their phone

WhatsApp is one of the popular social media apps. It helps the user to connect with each other via messages, voice calls, etc. Though this social media app is offering many positive features, it also contains a lot of limitations, which can make your kids and family fall under danger. So to protect your kid from any kind of online danger, the XySpy app has helped you with advance features. Here, we will mention how to make this great XySpy application yours:

Follow the below steps and easily hack someone’s WhatsApp account:

Step 1: Visit the official website, which is, and understand every term and condition.

Step 2: now start the installation process on your device with the use of instructions if you find the method tough

Step 3: once the process of download and install is done, you will create your user account on the software with the use of valid id and passwords

Step 4: for making devices paired, you have to send a text message or to make a call to your target person via the assist of the online control panel. This will send you a secret code from the target device; even call is received or not.

Step 5: when both the devices get paired, you will receive the message or alerts of confirmation.

Step 6: now, you will begin the hacking of target persons WhatsApp chats, voice calls, and all the different activities which they are doing online.

With the use of such an amazing application, you can simply perform the following advantageous functions

  • See their WhatsApp chats– all the messages which are received or sent on the target device under your supervision. You can easily read and also save the complete conversation with the exact date and time.
  • Checking the WhatsApp statuses– with the updated feature of WhatsApp users can share their videos, audios, and pictures with the friends, so you can readily view their statuses and also locations if any post with real-time details.
  • Checking multimedia files-WhatsAppis the platform which provides uncountable features. Here you can share photos, small gifs, pdf, ppt, audio clips, and videos easily. To save the complete record of their files, you just get the XySpy app. This app will help you to receive complete info on your control panel.
  • Details of their video and audio calls– WhatsApp also offer the video and audio conversations in current time. Xyspy app assists you to record easily record and analyzes complete conversations which are saved in your control panel. Thus, whenever you free, you can view or listen to the conversation with exact details.
  • Detail of their WhatsApp contacts– everyone needs to save their contact numbers on their device. So if you require seeing someone’s WhatsApp address book, then you can easily hack it by the XySpy app.
  • Track their WhatsApp location– XySpy app provides the location tracking advantage, which helps you to track the present location of the target person. It will assist you in knowing what target person is going at that location.


So these are some advantages of the XySpy app. This is a great deal of every time. So go to the official site and enjoy the features of the XySpy tool without touching the target person’s device. The best part of this app is that it offers complete features free.

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