How to hack WhatsApp without access target phone

How to hack WhatsApp without access target phone

How to hack WhatsApp without access target phone

How to hack WhatsApp without access target phone

Best way to hack WhatsApp without access phone

Are you annoyed with the continuous use of WhatsApp by your kids, husband, boyfriend or colleagues? Do you want to know what they do all the time on their mobile phone? If their unusual behavior annoys you and forces you to think what they do on WhatsApp then it’s time to get the answers.  You can find out their WhatsApp secrets in less than 15 minutes. Surprised! Well, if you think that some magic is going to happen all of sudden and you will get to hack their WhatsApp secrets then it’s wrong.

Best way to hack WhatsApp without access phone

Best way to hack WhatsApp without access phone

Magic won’t do it but XySpy can. It’s a spy app that has all the powers to spy on anyone’s mobile phone. Sounds interesting! A spy app is not different from magic for those who seriously wish to hack on their friends, kids, husband, or boyfriend/girlfriend WhatsApp account. It is not only exciting but also useful because revealing out some secrets can save your relationships with your loved ones or save their lives.

More about WhatsApp Hacking

Aforementioned that hacking can save you from losing a lot in a relationship, but what others think that it’s not ethical to peep into someone’s privacy. Many couples give personal space to their partners and nowadays parents also respect their kid’s privacy. However, the thing that matters is the relationship. If anything bothers you and make you frustrate and irritated then it’s better to sort out before it goes deeper.

Thus, if some misunderstandings or doubts related to your partner arise in your mind then you better ask directly. Another option is to spy on them secretly. Hack their WhatsApp without using their phone. You can do it with one simple trick of using XySpy.

About XySpy – Best WhatsApp Hacking without target phone

About XySpy - Best WhatsApp Hacking without target phone

About XySpy – Best WhatsApp Hacking without target phone

It’s spying software to detect the activities of target users and serve the details to its master. The software is developed to work on a different platform that has improved its compatibility. It has a complete range of features to monitor the device completely. It serves to its master for free. You can download the XySpy in three simple steps which are as follows.

Download and install

Step 1: install and set-up

  • To install the XySpy, go to its official link i.e.
  • From the menu, select the download and install option
  • A new page will appear where you will see the download XySpy option
  • Click the button to proceed

Step 2: hack WhatsApp for free

The first 48 hours are free for users which allow them to check out the features of XySpy for free of cost

Step 3: purchase XySpy

If you are satisfied then select the subscriptions that suit you best. Fill the order form and make payment. An email will be sent to you on the registered email consisting installation instructions.

Your spying agent is installed on the target phone. It would take hardly 10-15 minutes. You can also get the app from the mobile store.

Download XySpy at:

How does it work

XySpy works significantly for every user where it makes use of its exclusive features. It does it with the features that are embedded in the software, this includes:

  • WhatsApp monitoring the sole purpose of you is to track WhatsApp of the suspect, than XySpy can do it in within seconds. It will send the live chats, shared media, contacts on WhatsApp and other details to you in real time. You can check them and also save them.
  • Gmail and youtube monitoring- these two applications are widely used. Every now and then we need to check our email or search something on Youtube. It means lots of time our loved ones spend there. XySpy can monitor their emails and search results on YouTube as well. This way, parents can check what their kids search or watch on YouTube. They can block those contents or link to protect them from the harmful effects of Youtube.
  • Advanced tracking system– XySpy has a most beneficial feature that is a tracking system. It can detect the global position of any person very fast. No matter where your target is, you can check their location on the globe anytime and anywhere.
  • Contacts and notes- the upcoming meetings and plans of your target are now un-hidden from you. XySpy un-hide the contact lists and saved notes of the target.
  • Messenger logs– the text messages and their details can be also checked easily using XySpy.
  • Automatic call recording most of the cell phone has this feature which is turned off to maintain privacy. XySpy has also this feature which can secretly record the calls of the target.


XySpy does these functions stealthy which means the target device cannot detect its presence and the owner will also not come to know about this. So, the best way to access other’s phone and WhatsApp is to use XySpy.


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