A Practical Guide To Setting Up iPhone Parental Controls

A Practical Guide To Setting Up iPhone Parental Controls

A Practical Guide To Setting Up iPhone Parental Controls

Practical Guide to Set Up iPhone Parental Controls

Do you wish to limit or block specific apps or features on your children iPad, iPhone, and other devices? If yes, then you are at correct place as we will guide you how to use built-in restriction to control their iPhone. These in build restrictions are also known as parental control and all the parents are able to control and monitor their child using this system.

Practical Guide to Set Up iPhone Parental Controls

Practical Guide to Set Up iPhone Parental Controls

Turn on parental control

To do this you need to go to the settings -> general -> restrictions. After this tap on the option of enabling restrictions; you will be asked to create the restriction passcode and if you wish to change the settings or you wish to put off restriction then you need to just change the Passcode. So this was a simple way to put a restriction on your child activity on iPhone or iPad.

Learn more iPhone Parental Control: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201304

But instead of this, you can also use XySpy apps to control as well as monitor your child activity. This software is much better for use it provides you privacy and ability to see what your child does on his/ her cell phone. Also, you are able to put restriction to their mobile usage by restricting certain apps which are not good for them.

Using this way of controlling your child activity is best because in other methods you are required to access the mobile phones of your child but here you need to have access to the phone physically. You can control their mobile from your mobile. All you need is the phone spy software to get installed in your phone successfully. After this, you need to follow the steps present in its guide and then create your account by signing up. Through this account, you can access all the information of the target device.

This application also holds certain features that are helpful in carrying out the operation of monitoring target device successfully. Thus, you don’t require wasting your precious time in fetching out codes or other details to establish a connection with target phone. One can easily do spying using XySpy.

Professional XySpy features

Professional XySpy features

Professional XySpy features

Call Recording

Keep the records of all outgoing and incoming call via XySpy software! There are several things you can perform in respect of calls. You will also be allowed to record the calls as well as hear them anytime. This is the great features as you are able to discover with whom target mobile user is talking to. Also, you will receive the call logs with time duration as well as other details of the caller. This is how can keep a complete track over all the call logs of the target person.

Messages tracking

Track all the messages of target phone using the XySpy software. Thus, discover all the sent as well as received messages from the target phone. All these messages will be available for access to from your control panel. You can save the useful messages and use them anytime you require. Messages of target device will be delivered to you along with other details like duration, date, etc. also, you are allowed to access the messages even if it deleted from the target device. In addition to this, you can conduct many functions in respect to these messages like you can delete certain messages and so on.

Track location

This is something great as you are able to monitor the location of target phone as well as the user. Using this feature parent can monitor their child or spouse or employees. Also, you are able to find the lost phone or misplaces phone. The location of mobile can be opened up on the map and you can get it back then.

Social media spying

With XySpy apps it becomes easy to spy on social media account of the target person. Social media platform like Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, etc will be hacked and the details of the target account will be delivered to you. You can get to see the photos, hidden chats, and follower details using this feature of the phone spy.

Access multimedia

Access the multimedia files saved as well as shared by the target device. Multimedia files will consist of photos, videos as well as other files. Even if the multimedia files are deleted from the target device still it will be available for you to see. Any photo or media when get added on target device it is notified to you thus, you can always remain updated.

Spy on internet activities

On the internet, several activities must be done by the target person that is not known to you but if you use XySpy app then you can know them. You can get a list of the website visited by target and the list of browsers used by the target person to access the website.

View All Feature Download XySpy App

This, way each and every activity of your children device can be tracked using XySpy app. You can access their iPhone, iPad, iOS, etc. In addition to this; you will remain hidden while doing these monitoring activities. Your device space will not be affected also, your phone functioning will not be restricted by using this application. So, you are able to do professional spying using XySpy app.

Not only does, XySpy software allows you to monitor on children iPhone device but also you can monitor your spouse or employees, thereby controlling them. You can spy and save your loved ones from any kind of harm. These harms could be a cyber crime, cyber bullying o any other things. Make sure, you download as well as install this app and start monitoring today. If you do spying this will help you to remain close to your loved ones and know them deeply. Also, you will be able to know what they like and what they dislike. Thus, you and your family members will be able to become a good person and lead healthy lives.

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