What is the Remote Keylogger for Android and iPhone

What is the Remote Keylogger for Android and iPhone

What is the Remote Keylogger for Android and iPhone

What is the Remote Keylogger for Android and iPhone

What Remote Keylogger is for Android and iPhone

The present smartphone age has become a mean of concern for employer; spouse or parents as anyone can anything on the smartphone at any time. The kid can surf through adult websites by involving in it. However, the parents can make use of keystroke recorder so as to remotely record activities on iPhone or Android. You can record the keystrokes typed by the suspect on the social media accounts or the messaging applications over the internet. But what keylogger is? This can be known very well through the article.

What Remote Keylogger is for Android and iPhone

What Remote Keylogger is for Android and iPhone

What is keylogger

Keylogger is basically software that can be installed easily on the suspect cell phone such as a laptop, PC, and smartphone. The keylogger can work silently at the background of the device so as to record all the keystrokes typed by the suspect. Moreover, you can easily track everything starting from messages on messaging application or social media apps on the website. Thus you are able to acknowledge everything that includes keyboard through keystroke recording.

Top remote keylogger for iPhone and Android

Parents can make use of the application so as to spy the kid typed messages. Parents require the keylogger application so as to know what the kid is doing on the smartphone so that no other person can harm them. Especially a businessman requires such application so as to monitor employee’s activities happening in the company. There may be other possible reasons so as to use the keylogger application on iPhone and Android. XySpy is the world’s biggest and fastest growing application that has presented various features that assist in remotely using the keylogger.

How one can use keylogger for Android & iPhone

For Android devices, one can use the following procedures-

Step 1- creates XySpy account –you need to visit the official site and click on to the sign-up the bottom. You need to enter the details like age, and name so as to select the device platform.

Step 2- install the keylogger– you need to enable “unknown sources” onto your device and then click onto the install and download the mobile application.

Step 3- remotely check keylogger- you now need to log into your XySpy online dashboard. Now visit the keylogger option so as to view all typed keystrokes on the target device.


The keylogger tools basically are essential for parents so as to know what your kid is doing on his smartphone. Moreover, employers or spouse can surveillance kid activities of employees as well as a partner.

All the business secrets can be kept safe and secure, using the XySpy application. Employees can be kept under surveillance so as to prevent data leak secrets. XySpy is one of the top keyloggers for iPhone and Android smartphones.

There are lots of features other than just keylogger application. Other features are text messages, GPS location, ambient listening, notification, alert, and multimedia. You can experience the ultimate journey of spying.


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