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Text Message Tracker using XySpy

Tracking on one’s text messages might be helpful for one but is really challenging. Tracking might put the relationship at stake. Tracking means peeking into ones daily life activities that they carry out throughout the day. If you are having a well-defined reason for Tracking on one’s text messages then Tracking on their text messages will be only the way to find out all about what they are doing when you are not closer to them.

Text Message Tracker using XySpy

Text Message Tracker using XySpy

XySpy is one of the most popular tracker app that is available in the market.  As it is one of the most popular known tracking tools, many people are using it in their daily routine life and are staying updated by getting the details of the target person all day to day activities. With the help of this tracking tool, you easily stay updated and there is no need for you to make use of the deep knowledge and efforts as you can easily undergo Tracking on one’s text messages without letting them get the idea of being spied. This application is best for the one that is been cheated for a longer time in relationships.

Undoubtedly this tracking tool as one of the best Tracking tool allows one in reading the text messages without them knowing. The app helps one in fetching and extracting the details from the victim device and you need not have to touch the phone of those. This track tool is reliable as well as easy to use for all and provides all its users with a free trial so that they can easily learn using the app.  Well, there are few features that can be used for text messages tracking but even tracking call logs and real-time location.

What steps do I need to undergo to track on text messages of target person

Here we are disclosing a few steps that will definitely help you in undergoing Tracking of the text messages of the target person. In order to get the accurate result make sure that you follow the instructions that are given below as it is.

  • Visiting homesite- At first, a hacker needs to necessarily pay a visit to the homesite of the XySpy application. Accessing the link net will help you to directly reach to the original website only.
  • Creating a user account- Now you need to create a user account by signing in. Provide the essential detail like valid username and password.
  • Setting in the phone and downloading- Before you begin downloading the app you need to do the setting in the cell phone. Get into the setting of the phone and from there you can enable the option of unknown sources and allow the app to take its place in both your and target person phone. Once done with that you can now download and install the app.
  • Creating the connections- Provide all the details of the target phone like OS, mobile number and user name.
  • Login to track- Now you need to login to the user account by using the login details that were earlier used in creating the user account.
  • Monitor text messages- Move to the app online dashboard and then hit on hack text messages and see all the messages sent/received with full details.

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Features of Tracking tools

  • Read all text messages The text messages that are normally sent and received on the phone or text messaging done using instant messaging apps, all will be completely hacked. The messages that are sent, deleted, received will be hacked inclusive of other details like date, time, location and content and contacts info.
  • Call tracking- Calls that are dialed and received, missed, ignored and deleted will be spied completely. The calls along with all essential details like date, time, call maker/receiver details, etc will be spied. This will help in figuring out that with whom talks were going.
  • Real-time monitoring or GPS location tracking If you are out for some work and need to about where are the children at present then this feature will help in knowing all about their presence. If in case they found telling lie then you can take strict against them. Also, this feature helps in finding the lost or stolen device easily.
  • Reads out contacts- All the available contacts in target person phone will be seen easily with the help of this Tracking tool.
  • Multimedia files track- All the stored multimedia files like photos, videos, etc will be spied easily.


So all the above easy to follow steps will help you in getting the desired result to achieve easily. I hope now you can conveniently use it.