How to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

How to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

How to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

How to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

Best Way to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

Sometimes to catch the cheating partner and sometimes to sneak into kids phone people make use of spy screen recorders. So, what is this spy screen recorder? Spy screen recorder is simply spy apps which have a number of features allowing a person to remotely control the target device. Android phone can be easily tracked using spy apps. One of the best spy screen recorders for the Android mobile is the XySpy app.

Best Way to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

Best Way to Spy Screen Recorder for Android

This spy app can help you monitor the target device using your mobile itself and you can easily find out whether your partner is lying to you or not. Also, you can control the activity of your kids very easily using this spy software. An employer makes use such software to keep eye on the activities of their employees. XySpy app will assist you in knowing the truth behind the weird behavior of your kids and spouse and let you take necessary action before your loved ones fall in big trouble.

How to make use of the Spy screen recorder

Step 1: installations of the app on target phone

Login to your account then enter the details of the target android device. It can be the name of the target person, device name, age, and OS of the device.

Step 2: Create a user account

Browse to and sign up by using Email ID. Make sure you remember the ID as well as password which you have used for signing up. An application download link will be given to you that you will receive on your Email ID.

Step 3: make settings on the target device

Go to setting option and then tap on the security to allow download from unknown sources. Click on OK and then download the app on the target device. Follow the instruction you get to install it and then launch the app. Log in with your XySpy account and then click on grant or allow option. Activate the device administrator and you will be able to spy.

Step: 4 install the XySpy then start monitoring

This is the final step and here you just need to hit on monitoring button then app icon will vanish from the target device. Finally, you can start monitoring the target device and recording the activity.

So, we hope you can now catch the cheating spouse easily or save your child from falling in traps of a predator.

Some of the features you will be making use to spy on the target device are

  • Call recording
  • Contact history spying
  • SMS Spying
  • Instant messages spying like WhatsApp and hike
  • Multimedia files spy
  • Social accounts like facebook, snapchat spy
  • Calendar and notes spy
  • Internet history spy
  • App usage spy
  • App blocking and sites blocking


These are some of the wonderful features you will be using when you install XySpy app. Along with spying, you can perform other functions like finding the lost or misplaced device and erasing the data of the stolen device. So many other benefits you will get when using XySpy app so try it now!

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