How to Tell If Someone is Tracking Your iPhone

How to Tell If Someone is Tracking Your iPhone

How to Tell If Someone is Tracking Your iPhone

How to Tell If Someone is Tracking Your iPhone

Someone is Tracking Your iPhone? Yes, it is possible.

Communication and technology are bringing a huge change in our society over the years. A smartphone can perform multiple tasks within just a few seconds which was hard to image decades ago. Mistrust in a relationship is not something new in western civilization and probably you have also heard about the spying profession, where a professional gets paid for investigating on the activities of a person. Modern science and technologies have simplified our world and nowadays you can find spying apps if you wish to keep an eye on the activities of a person.

Someone is Tracking Your iPhone? Yes, it is possible.

Someone is Tracking Your iPhone? Yes, it is possible.

Present scenario

Neither you have to hire a professional investigator, nor pay a hefty amount for their services, as you just have to install an app following some basic instructions and you will have the access to their device. There are a large number of people who tend to monitor others’ activities using advanced spying apps and you can easily find hundreds of spying apps within seconds. We know, this is a concerning matter and we should take adequate precautions to prevent monitoring. As you can use your smartphones to monitor others’ activities, there must be a way of preventing the act as well. Monitoring can be detected if inspected carefully and in this article, we will tell you how to detect a spyware working on the background of your device.

Unusual drainage of battery

Unusual drainage of a battery is an indication of a spyware working at the background of your phone. We recommend you to check each and everything to verify whether it results from some apps usage or games.

Increased temperature when the phone is not being used

Some people often complain about an increased temperature of their iPhone and it might have resulted from a spyware. We suggest you check everything thoroughly.

Strange noise during a call

There are many people, who often complain about a strange noise that can be heard only during the phone calls. If we are not wrong, then there might be a person on the other side spying on your phone calls.

Check the jailbroken status

You can also check the jailbroken status of your phone. If you think there is a spyware monitoring in your daily activities, you can confirm it by checking the jailbroken status.

Stop location sharing services

Your iPhone offers numerous location-based services and if you think your information is being monitored, you can turn off the location-based services to prevent secret monitoring of your activities. If you are willing to turn it off, go to iCloud and tap on the Advanced label. You can find an option to turn off your location sharing service and make sure it is turned off.

Change password

We’ll suggest you change your password frequently and set a strong password every time.


These are some of the most common tips to prevent spying on your iPhone and you can try them easily. If you want to know more about monitoring software, please visit


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