Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Top 6 Android Sound Recorder Free You Should Know

Top six Android Sound Recorders Free You Should Know

The android serves innumerable uses and is a bundle of interesting features. Today, I am going to talk about special applications that serve like the robotic assistant and it can work virtually anywhere or anytime. We will be discussing the top 6 android sound recorders that are absolutely free and you should know about it. It is like a golden opportunity so as to get a lifetime interview on the person to be tracked. Using the application, you can easily upload all the data recorded. Know all those six android sound recorders from this article.

Top six Android Sound Recorders Free You Should Know

Top six Android Sound Recorders Free You Should Know

Top six android sound recorders:

#1 XySpy

The XySpy application is all about dedication and simplicity and it offers voice recording feature. You will definitely find much easier to utilize the services of the XySpy. It has a modern interface that gets matched well with high quality capturing as well as the features are awesome. You will simply fall in love with the simplicity and clarity of the application. This creates a good understanding between the user and the application. You can easily configure the phone so as to start recording. If you wish to record high-quality audio then you need to take in the paid version.

Other than voice recording, the application also offers various features such as text message services, GPS location tracking and other things too.

View All Feature Download XySpy App

#2 Smart voice recorder

Smart voice recorder has become one of the cleverest recording applications that ever got built. It has the capacity to record all the noses present at the night and it can even save memory space and power. This has become possible through the incorporation of the genius algorithm and real-time spectrogram that has made the smartphone even smarter. It is easy to use and discreet with widget disguised. It is best known to offer high-quality audio and is perfectly ideal for usage in business and conference meetings when it comes to taking note in the class. The frequency on which it works well is 8 Hz-44 Hz.

#3 Voice recorder

The voice recorder is another renowned application that works well on all sorts of devices starting from android to iPhone. In addition to this, you can easily get regular stuff such as managing recording, audio recordings.  You will be getting records on daily basis. The cool features will be able to gather as much information as required by the user. Existing users have appreciated the features and services. You can share all the recordings with other people through email. It doesn’t have any disguises because it is the most discreet app with scheduled recording.

#4 Titanium voice recorder

This titanium voice recorder is able to compress all the record files in 3gp as well as acc. All the scans and unknown recordings are saved on the speaker. It has increased security features that make use of the application handler. All the essential features are mentioned below-

  • It has a high inbuilt file manager that very well organized the files
  • It works well on android 4.3
  • It has an embedded player that instantly records all the audio recording
  • It is ideal and professionals can make use of the voice recording on his or her Android device
  • It records all the calls in high quality with the minimum file limit
  • It is best known to offer high-quality recording and the user who wish to have an extra dash of safeties. It is kept under top six sound recording applications.

#5 RecForge II

Do you know which is the perfect free sound recording application for head bangers and music lovers, it is recforge II. It offers flawless recording services. The recorder got build using high technology and advanced programming. It can be downloading and installed through the official website. It offers music speed changer such as playing rate, adjust temp and pitch. It also allows or enables you to disable as well as enable automatic gain control. It supports formats like Wav codec, counting, m4a, WMA, mp3, FLAC, and ogg. It runs very well in the background and the battery usage could be minimized. It just requires Android 4.0.

It also supports various shares and file formats through conventional formats or via the cloud. It is a simple sound recording application that easily organizes as well as manages the folders and files as per the requirement.

#6 Parrot

Another interesting application in the market is a parrot that can be used for multiple uses. It not only records audio files but also sends all recorded phone calls to another person. It supports Android devices and is the best solution for professional recording for meeting and for customizations. It has playback waveform, highly configurable and HD voice recording. It offers to the schedule of the recording files. It offers effects that very well eliminate echo, sounds, and unwanted noises. It provides volume booster too, that enhances the tracker for better hearing.  It requires Android 4.4 or above.

It is totally a free voice or sound recorder that offers upgradation as well. It allows you to download the files and formats in high quality that can be a buttery or live recording. It is one of the most used applications throughout the world and you too can get benefited by the tool. This recording tool is best and reliable too. You can visit the official site and see various offers at an affordable price. The tools also support various devices and sharing of the files is easy.


We have provided top six sound recording applications for free. It makes use of advanced technology and even the businessman can make use of it. It allows you to take recording and voice notes that usually misses all important details.

With this, I have concluded that all the top six sound recording are trustworthy. You deserve the best application; you can decide which application will suit you the best.

The entire six sound recorders are familiar to you, and you can easily get it from the official link  Just give it a try and you will get to know all of its exclusive features that are useful.


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