How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

Tracking Cell Phone Location without Installing Software

Are you here to know the location of your kid? If it is yes, then you have arrived at the right place. Today, I will be talking about cell phone location tracking tool that allows tracking of location with no installation of software. Not only parents, employers, as well as spouse, can make use of the app to peep into the suspect cell phone. Below, is the name of the most powerful tracking tool that will help you to know the location and whereabouts of the suspects.

Tracking Cell Phone Location without Installing Software

Tracking Cell Phone Location without Installing Software

The app not only works great on android, iPhone but also on other devices like BlackBerry and Verizon.

XySpy – Cell phone location tracking tool

XySpy is the most sought mobile tracking tool that is free to use when comes to monitoring the suspect. The reason behind using the app is the features offered. The installation as well as downloading of the app is easy and beneficial. It can be used to monitor employees, friends, kids, and other relatives plus the spouse. Plenty of people all over the world make use of the app and have received satisfying results because of the features.

How to get the XySpy app

  • Set up– you have to visit your favorite browser and paste this link below. Download XySpy app. Allow it to install onto the suspect device.
  • Give details– you are allowed to give away the details of the suspect like name and email ID. The info is crucial because this is how the cell phone of the suspect will get tracked.
  • Link it- now comes the linking part. You have to connect the app and your XySpy account.
  • Start spying– once it is done, you are required to start hacking. The XySpy offer you 48 hours of free service to monitor texts, apps, GPS location, calls, and other activities as well.
  • Purchase XySpy- if you like the free version of XySpy, you can move on to the next level of hacking i.e. purchase the package. Complete the payment as well as the subscription package and get an email notification of the instructions.
Download Location Tracking App

Get many features

The XySpy not only offer you the best monitoring solution but also allow you to use many features. Using the features you can purposefully know info from different locations such as social media account, gallery, location, etc. It offers more than 25 features. The use and installation are easy. It can easily spy Facebook and WhatsApp outgoing as well as incoming messages with no rooting of the phone. On the other hand, parents can hack children activity in real-time. Let us dive into in-depth-

  • Spy calls– the calling feature allow the user to hack video calls, phone voice calls via using the feature. One can listen to the conversation and get contact details such as the number of person and name of a person.
  • Track the location– you can use this feature to know the location of the target cell phone. Every single detail related to distance, location, time and date details will be displayed on the screen.
  • SMS spy– you can view target SMS messages and read it as well. For viewing the name of sender, date, phone number and date, you can save it as well.
  • Hidden call recorder– the hidden calls can listen up using this feature. You can view the date and duration of the call and save the call on the control panel.
  • Spy social media– Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and WhatsApp can be hacked using this feature. You can read all the chats, view the multimedia files linked to account.
  • Keylogger– the keylogger feature allows you to monitor the keystrokes from IM applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

With the help of XySpy, it is possible to get full access to messages of a kid, spouse or employee. This is the smartest way to hack someone’s cell phone. It contributes to the easiest spying method in the market. You will only require user ID and password along with credentials to store the info on your control panel. Once you fulfill the criteria you are all allowed to synchronize with the device of the suspect and read text messages for free.


It sounds a bit harder when someone listens to track cell phone location with no installation but it is possible through the help of XySpy. It is a good spying option that has a mission of grabbing essential info from a suspect cell phone.

Don’t forget to use the location feature as it can give you awesome results.


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