How to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

How to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

How to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

How to Track a Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)

Tracking Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) via XySpy

If you have currently lost your cell phone this doesn’t mean you can’t retain it back. Yes, you heard it correct, there is one top-notch solution that allows you to retain lost cell phone no matter windows phone, android or iPhone using a tool. One thing that needs to be essential in order to get back the lost phone is that it must be switched on so that location can be accessed remotely. You will be out of luck if you find your stolen cell phone battery switched off or lost.

Tracking Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) via XySpy

Tracking Lost Phone (Including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) via XySpy

Below is the option that helps you to do so and it is explained in simple language. You are required to stay sign in either with Apple, Google or Windows account before it all starts.

How to figure out the lost Android phone

Use XySpy. As it is clear it is a device manager that will offer the smartest and easiest way to track lost cell phone from any of the browsers through visiting the official site. It will offer you options like erase data, lock up or ring the device before it gets into wrong hands. It allows you to check the location and last stay report. You can visit that location and get the cell phone back. Notice that history might use mobile signals and WI-FI, so you can get accurate info.

How to find lost iPhone

In order to locate a lost iPhone, you need XySpy. Just set it up on your device and with the iCloud info, you can enable the location feature. Once the location is activated, you can track the lost iPhone device. Alternatively, you need to sign in to your desktop and paste the link.

The same goes for the windows phone. XySpy is the most used and great tracking tool for iPhone, android and windows phone. This tracking tool not only allows you to find the lost Windows, android and iPhone but also help the user to view the activities of the suspect. The suspect might be your kid, spouse or employee.

XySpy in detail

XySpy comes at the number one position when anyone surfs on top monitoring tools. This application offers plenty of crucial features that will help the user when comes to trace lost phone or device. The application can be installed easily on phone; one can remotely access the phone data from any place.

You will be able to control all the apps present on the suspect cellphone. The three modes offered by erasing, lost and ring. Suppose the device got switched off, you will be able to see the last location. The XySpy is compatible on android, windows, and iPhone and the downloading is free. It is not only easy-to-use but also requires no formal knowledge of computer. The location history will include time, date and last history.

It allows you to keep an eye over the kid, spouse or employee activities, this is what makes it useful. You thus access the info of your family member secretly. This is what makes it suitable for the parents when they are worried about the kid’s safety.

If you have lost your cell phone, use it. You just require details of your lost cell phone like iCloud account info and password. It will offer you complete geographical info including longitude and latitude. It offers route info as well and tracks the location of stolen or lost phone.

Extra features

Yes, it is the features that make XySpy the top-notch and incredible app. Other than finding a lost cell phone, you perform other activities as well like-

  • SMS spy SMS message spying is very old. This can be advantageous when the suspect doesn’t have a social media account and talks on SMS. You will view SMS messages, read and save it on the control panel. The details such as phone number/date/duration/sender name can be spied.
  • Track the location-tracking location is now possible and the details like date, time, and current location will be traced as well. On the Google Map, you can easily locate the movement of the suspect.
  • Spy calls– calls are made daily in abundance. So, tracking calls no matter video calls and voice calls via this feature is easy. Without any issue, you can pick this software feature and get all the conversation at your fingertips.
  • Spy social media– social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat can be tracked via this feature. The text, multimedia files and location of a device can be spied easily. Extracting info thus becomes easy from suspect social media account.
  • Hidden call recorder– hidden calls are common and needs to be tracked. The recording of the calls on the control panel is possible along with the date of call and duration of the call. You can hear it up at anytime and anywhere.
  • Free keylogger-keystrokes from Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and another messenger app can be spied using the free keylogger feature.

These features are powerful enough to snoop into the suspect device. Don’t wait just download and install the app on the device and get your lost phone easily.

Benefits of it

The real-time activities of the kid, spouse or employee can be viewed and controlled through the introduction of XySpy app. The target will never ever detect your activity since the app is undetectable and is hidden. It will scan the activity of the suspect with 100% undetectability.

  • Spy on kids- you can monitor kid cell phone 24×7 when you are away from them or have a busy schedule. The chatting with the unknown person will be displayed on the screen.
  • Spy on an employee– some employee could be cunning and trust cannot be put on them. You can spot out those employees and track their activities.
  • Spy on a spouse- if your spouse has lei you more than twice it becomes impossible to trust her/him again. So you can keep an eye over her/him using the XySpy.

Check out the latest version of the app on the official site ( and start with monitoring in easy steps.


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