How to Track an iPhone When It is Off

How to Track an iPhone When It is Off

How to Track an iPhone When It is Off

How to Track an iPhone When It is Off

How to Track an iPhone When It is Off Using iCloud

Smart mobile devices have become an undividable component in our lives. We have entered into a digital era, where smartphone plays a major role from time to time. The device has entered into our work culture as well, people can use it just like a computer and they can save important data for easy access. As the smartphone is a valuable asset, app-developers have tried to incorporate a technology through which people can trace their stolen/lost phone even it is switched off. Apple is a leading smartphone manufacturer in the world and the latest statistics shows that 41.3 million iPhone have been sold within the third quarter of 2018.

How to Track an iPhone When It is Off Using iCloud

How to Track an iPhone When It is Off Using iCloud

Using iCloud and Find My iPhone

Throughout these years, Apple has tried to enhance user experience with numerous advanced features. Their iCloud can be utilized to find your lost phone even if it is switched off. The discussion will help you to learn the tracking procedure so that next time, you won’t face any trouble to locate your iPhone using the advanced Find My iPhone feature through iCloud.

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If you have lost your iPhone, you have to follow several simple steps to track the location of your phone. You don’t have to worry whether it is turned on or not. You have to enable some options to enjoy the advantage of the features. So we recommend you to go through the article first and then complete the process on your iPhone.

You would have to follow five simple steps in order to learn the tracking procedure of your iPhone.

Step 1

The first step is to open the phone settings from your iPhone.

Step 2

An iCloud account is mandated to use this advanced feature, hence you should sign up if you don’t have an account. Moreover, you can also log in to iCloud using the website or apps from any iOS device.

Step 3

Once you are done with your iCloud account, you can log in and now you are permitted to use this special feature. Scroll down to the bottom and you can see an option ‘Find My iPhone’ on the screen.

Step 4

Now you have to use this feature to track your phone. Tap on ‘Find My iPhone’ and choose the device on the map that you want to track and you can easily track the real-time location of the targeted device.

Step 5

iPhone users can also enjoy another advanced feature called “Lost Mode”. The special feature should be enabled and you can remotely lock your device in case it is stolen or lost. With this advanced feature, no one can unlock the phone without the password, as the feature is highly effective to prevent unauthorized use of your information when it is lost.


The above-mentioned steps will help you to track your lost iPhone anytime.

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