How to Track Your MetroPCS Phone If It’s Stolen or Lost

How to Track Your MetroPCS Phone If It’s Stolen or Lost

How to Track Your MetroPCS Phone If It's Stolen or Lost

How to Track Your MetroPCS Phone If It's Stolen or Lost

First, tell me how many days can you live without your phone? Yes, you can’t until you are in an emergency. And then what happens when you lose your phone? Surely you will never wish that situation but, it can happen to anyone at any time.

It is especially horrible when you first turn on your new phone, and it becomes lost or stolen. There are lots of sites to give you the latest and most reliable features but you don’t know about them. So, explore properly to avail of any such service.

Metro phone protection provides tracking your lost device. So, if you use Metro PCS phone then, you can use its feature. There is some Metro PCS phone tracker tool available. They will help you to find your lost device. Here are those tools that remotely track any smartphone device.

How to Track Your Phone Using the MetroPCS Phone Using XySpy App

How to Track Your Phone Using the MetroPCS Phone Using XySpy App

How to Track Your Phone Using the MetroPCS Phone Using XySpy App

XySpy gives professional control of software. They are designed to help you track the activities of the target device. It is compatible with mobile operating systems of most of the smartphones available around the world. You can also track other devices like Android and iOS.

This tool is also helpful for parents who want to install XySpy on the phones of their kids. You can get the details of every activity by your kid. Tracking Android Phone location is quick with XySpy. It has an inbuilt function. So, it will help you track the device route and know the place where the device has been. One of its greatest features is that it is compatible with MetroPCS phone and other Androids.

This Metro PCS phone tracker tool is a greatly successful spying tool which tells everything that the targeted person is doing. This tool can be hidden on the target Android device. Whenever you want to access the target device data, you can open its web client. You can do a lot of things like accessing messages, recording voice calls, viewing call logs, capturing screenshots and much more. Accessing the target device remotely has never been as easy as XySpy makes it.

Why XySpy App is Best

  • Remote tracking GPS location

    GPS Location tracking function of XySpy is mainly coded. So, it makes it easy to track the location of the monitored device. You can track the location on the Geo map just by opening its web client and clicking location. Then, you will redirect into maps. It will give you the current location of the target device.
  • Enable keystroke logging

    Keylogger or keyboard capturing feature helps you to record the keys pushed on a keyboard. So, it is a great feature to know what other person is typing on the device you are targeting. You can also view messages or other information before sending.
  • Set Geofencing

    There are only a few monitoring tools available which have a Geofencing function. This feature is great to keep you update when you with target device location. You will also get notified if target device enters or exit the specified area on the map.
  • Access social media remotely

    Accessing social media of a person is not an easy task. It can be done only with a powerful spying tool. XySpy is one of them. It lets you access WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and other apps remotely through its Social apps function.
  • View internet browsing history

    XySpy is fully compatible with any web browser. You can access Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and another browser through it. It also helps you remotely view internet surf history. Through its web history and URL giving features. You can also check the title, last visit time, and frequency of search.

How to Install XySpy MetroPCS Phone Tracker

How to Install XySpy MetroPCS Phone Tracker

How to Install XySpy MetroPCS Phone Tracker

Step 1

First of all, open XySpy official website. Then, click on “Download & Install” button on Menu which will give you free XySpy account. Then, enter your details on setup wizard. You can enter the details of target devices such as Name, age, and operating system.

Step 2

Switch to target Android phone. Then, enable unknown sources to install the XySpy app on the monitored Android device. Tap on “Settings” to open, swipe down and hit on “Security” for enabling Unknown sources. Now turn on unknown sources by tapping on its toggle. Now, open and download XySpy apk file.

Step 3

Once your download is complete, you should tap on the app to install it. Then, open the app drawer icon by tapping it. Later, enter log-in details like XySpy Email ID and Password.

Step 4

Now, open on a web browser with login credentials. You will see all the functions of XySpy which will help you access the targeted device.

How does the XySpy app works

It uses GPS, your phone number, and an external website. This all allows you to track your phone all the times. These apps allow you to ping the location of your device and then display it. It also gives an address for you to find it. Once installed, you have to activate the app. Once, it is attached to your phone number, then sit back and wait for someone to steal your phone. It takes just a few minutes to set this app up, but it will save you hundreds of dollars.

Now, with the help of this article, tracking the device of your kid, employee or partner could be much easier than you have thought before. These devices are easy to install. Also, they are having modern and scientifically advanced features. You can track in real-time without doubting about reliability. These MetroPCS Phone Trackers will give you access to the activities of small kids who are the greatest worry for parents. Your businesses will be safe now from the unscrupulous activities of unreliable employees.


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