How to Track Your Friend’s Phone Without Them Knowing

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How to Track Your Friend’s Phone Without Them Knowing

How to Track Your Friend's Phone Without Them Knowing

How to Track Your Friend's Phone Without Them Knowing

How to track your friend’s device secretly

For some or the other reason, a person needs to head into the device of the target person with the help of reliable tracking tool. If you are the one who needs tracking another person’s device. This article will tell you about the best solution that will help you in achieving the desired objective within a short time and with full accuracy.

How to track your friend's device secretly

How to track your friend’s device secretly

Make use of XySpy tracking tool for tracking phone without them knowing

Doubtlessly the most powerful tool that we can use for tracking another person is XySpy. Already this particular tool is considered to be the right and perfect solution for many users throughout the globe. XySpy is having many good features to track another person. One of the most notable advantages that are connected with this tracking app is that it doesn’t need a jailbreak or rooting of the target device. It is well known that mostly the spy tool demands you to undergo device jailbreak or rooting. In fact rooting and jail-breaking results in making the device vulnerable to several threats like hacking and malware. XySpy doesn’t let you do so and the device of the target will remain as it is without any troubles.

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Features of XySpy

  • View profile- This application is viewing the profile of the target person privately on all the social media sites operating by him or her.
  • GPS location tracking It is the best GPS phone tracking tool that is working effectively in tracking down the real-time and previous location details.
  • Compatible app- It can track all Smartphone like iOS, android or windows, etc.
  • Calls tracking- This app is good at tracking the call logs. It tracks incoming calls, outgoing calls, deleted calls, ignored calls, etc with date, time, location and contact.
  • Text messages tracking This app is better for tracking the text messages that are sent by or received at target person device with full details like content, sender/receiver, etc.
  • Multimedia files tracking- It easily does the monitoring of all stored multimedia files like photos, videos, screenshots, GIFs, etc in the target phone.
  • Easy to use the app- The application is user-friendly and anyone can make use of it easily without facing much troubles.
  • Safer app- There no malware or any other harmful viruses attached to it.
  • Undetectable app- The application id developed in such a way that it doesn’t get easily traced by the target person.
  • Affordable- It is really affordable application.
  • Internet history tracking- All the websites visited and media downloaded will be tracked.
  • IM apps tracking- The IM apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc will be easily tracked. All the text, media shares, video/voice calls details will be tracked completely.

How to use the application

It is no so that a hacker can make use of a tracking tool for getting surveillance on spouse, children or employee. Even the friend can also make use of this tracking tool for whatever reason he/she is aimed at tracking. The only thing needed is following the directions that are discussed below. Those will definitely let you get the desired outcome.

To initiate the tracking process, you need to create a XySpy account at ( Now you need to step ahead with the process of registration. After filling the details for creating the user account, you need to go to the settings into the device. Here you need to navigate the lock screen and hit on the option that will let you install the application from an unknown source and hit on OK for proceeding. After that, you need to hit on the option download. Move into the device download folder and install the wizard. You need to make use of the credentials that were earlier used to create the XySpy account at the time of logging into the app on victim phone.

You can now open the app that is installed and go to the labeled start. Once the spyware is installed on the victim OS, the icon will get disappeared from the device automatically. Now the tracking tool will collect all the details of the conducted activities into the device. You can logion to the created account from any device like a personal computer or laptop or own smart device.


Now you easily came to know about how to peep into the friend’s device without informing them or letting them know about it. To use the app effectively make sure that you have a good internet connection.

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John Smith
XySpy is a mobile phone spying software that allows you to know in details what is happening on an Android mobile phone.


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