How to Use Find My iPhone to Track iPhone’s Location

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track iPhone’s Location

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your iOS Devices

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your iOS Devices

Guide Use Find My iPhone to Track iPhone’s Location

Apple has developed their services in recent years and they have incorporated numerous advanced features to make a difference in the ever competitive world of technology. iCloud is a reliable tool that can be used to locate any iOS device like an iPad, iPod, Mac or iPhone. Thanks to the technological advancement that has allowed user access to use its advanced features.

Find My iPhone

Apple’s Find My iPhone is a revolutionary tool for detecting the real-time location of an iOS device; moreover, you can also erase all of your important documents from the phone remotely. There are two different ways to track the whereabouts of an iOS device, you can use the website and recently you can also use Find My iPhone app to track any iOS device. Nobody can predict the future and if someday you find yourself in a critical situation and you need to use location tracking feature to find an iPhone’s Location, this article can help you.

Using iPad/iPhone to track

If you want to use Find My iPhone for iPad or other devices, you have to open the phone settings from your device. Next, you have to enter your account ID/ Apple ID when your device asks for it. Now you have to open iCloud and you can see Find My iPhone at the bottom of the screen. Now click on it and turn it on. You are done and now you can locate an iOS device easily.

Using the official website to detect a device

If you don’t have the app and you are friendly with websites, you can use the official website to locate your device anytime. First, go to the website and log in using your iCloud account. Now tap on the main menu and you can see the option Find My iPhone. Now you have to enter your Apple ID and password to access the details of different devices. Once it is done, you can see different device names and you have to click on the desired device that you want to track. You can zoom on the maps and track the exact location of your device easily. You can remotely play sound, erase important data and activate lost mode in order to safeguard your gadget.

Basic steps

Using iCloud is very simple and if you are interested to use Find My iPhone, you must remember the basic steps. You can’t use unless you have an iCloud access, you can use your Apple ID and password to use these features. It is important for the user to get familiar with the device name otherwise you can’t locate your device properly. Once you are done with the above-mentioned process, you will have access to the details and you can control it remotely.


iPhone has changed our lives and the advanced features have increased the popularity over the years. Presently Apple is the third largest mobile manufacturer in the world and such advanced features have made it the largest information technology company in the world. If you want to gather further information on device monitoring and spying, you can take a look at

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