How to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

How to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

How to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

How to Use iCloud to Find My iPhone

We won’t be surprised if your iPhone has become an inseparable part of your life. There are many people like you and it’s neither bad nor a good thing. People use their smartphones differently and it can contain personal information, office documents, legal proofs of something and many more. People often wonder, if there will be an app or technology that could help users to find their lost device. This is 2018 and now it is really possible to detect your stolen or lost iPhone.

Find your phone with iCloud

Find your phone with iCloud

Find your phone with iCloud

Due to the small size and value, mobile phones often attracts the robbers, but if you take adequate precaution to safeguard your device, there is a chance that you can get back your iPhone again. Apple has incorporated the iCloud platform and it has changed the use of a cloud-based platform with multiple advanced features and facilities for its users. iCloud has also enabled a special feature, through which now you can also track the details of your lost or stolen iPhone easily. The article will help you to learn the process in step by step manner and we hope next time, you can help someone to find their lost iPhone in their hard times.

How to use Find My iPhone


Apple has incorporated an advanced feature called “Find My iPhone” and you can avail this feature through iCloud on a device that runs on iOS. This advanced feature can help you to locate your device even if you lost it and the battery is dead too. If you are thinking that the process would be troublesome, you are wrong. You just have to follow five simple steps to get the whereabouts of your iPhone.

Step 1

You have to open the phone settings from your iPhone

Step 2

You must have an account on iCloud to use this feature. In case, you don’t have any, we recommend you to sign up. You can use the website and also download an app to use iCloud.

Step 3

Sign in to your iCloud account and now you are legally recognized to use this feature. You can see an option ‘Find My iPhone’ on your screen.

Step 4

Now tap on ‘Find My iPhone’ and select the device that you want to locate on the map. In case, it is near to your position you can play a sound on the device so that you can find it easily.

Step 5

Apple has comprised another advanced feature called “Lost Mode”. If you lost your iPhone and the feature has been turned on, you can lock your device remotely. Now anyone will require that password to unlock your device. This feature is highly efficient to secure and prevent unauthorized use of your data when it is lost.


The above-mentioned tips can help you to get back your lost iPhone using iCloud. If are interested in tracking and monitoring processes, you can take a look on

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