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Why you need WhatsApp spy tool – XySpy

It is very well known that a mobile device is an incredible tool so as to remain in touch with kids. Earlier parents often hesitate to offer Smartphone to their children because they think they will get addicted to it. When the parent find there isn’t any other tool that can be replaced for contact purpose, they begin fulfilling their needs for their sake. However, it is known that with every good thing there comes a bad thing too. Smartphone applications such as WhatsApp began to distract the kid as the features offered by this social media app are amazing and incredible.

Why you need WhatsApp spy tool - XySpy

Why you need WhatsApp spy tool – XySpy

Now everyone is using it for chatting with their kids, family members and schoolmates. The app allows the user to perform other activities such as sending and receiving videos, photos, and documents instantly. What kind of photos and videos your kid sends or receives on their WhatsApp account? Do they send adult content? This can be very well known using the XySpy App.

The app will also help you to know whether the kid is going to fall in social media pitfalls such as cyberbullying or not. This way you will be able to protect him/her before something threatens him/her.

How to spy WhatsApp using XySpy

How to spy WhatsApp using XySpy

With XySpy, you can monitor WhatsApp messaging conversations.

  • View all messages received and sent from different conversations
  • View the details of each message with its date, type, recipient
  • No root required – It is not necessary that the phone is rooted

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Who else can be spied

Not only parents can make use of this app, but employers can also use it to have great benefits. It is evident that none of the employers stands by employees and watch their activities. It could be a daunting task and the employee feels awkward too. There are lots of WhatsApp spy program available on the web such as XySpy that enable you to spy on employees easily. You can see whether your employee is working hard as it was promised by him at the time of getting the job or not. You are very well aware of the fact that no one burdens their shoulder, especially when there is no one around.

By monitoring their activities on WhatsApp you can see whether the employee is loyal or not. If the employee is not loyal and every now and then do crazy things that annoy you and other colleagues, then kick him out of your company. This way you can keep all the company secrets and project information safe and secure without scratching your head.

Free download WhatsApp Spying Tool

Do you wish to get a free WhatsApp spy app? Then you need not to have to Google anymore, you can click on the link below and get it.  It is considered an ultimate tool for spying WhatsApp messages.

XySpy is one among those advanced and leading apps that has baffled the spying market from time to time. Downloading and installing of this app is completely free.  You can easily make use of the spying features even though it is completely free. You first need to put the app in hiding mode so that the suspect is not able to know about it. The spying of messages, calls, and documents shared is easy and it can be stored on the dashboard.

Once you have downloaded and installed the XySpy on your device, you can easily keep an eye over the suspect. The app gives the user a feature that enables them to make use of the suspect WhatsApp account for a long period of time.

Other Features of XySpy

Location– using the WhatsApp spying app you know the specific and current location of the suspect device after installation. Furthermore, you do not have to indulge in high-level algorithm operation; the spying program does it well thus pop-up the information the user is after for.

Call recording– the WhatsApp gives the user a calling feature that helps the user to make calls without switching from the chats. The XySpy spy on calls and record them with content and time as well as date stamps. The duration will allow you to know how long talks are being done by the suspect. The data is then sending to an online account of the user.

Monitor MMS, SMS, and Facebook– the XySpy spy suspect Facebook, MMS, SMS, and WhatsApp messages. The files, photos, and videos shared can be easily stored.

Alert- every time the suspect changes his/her SIM card, you got an alert or notification stating the new number. You can see the alert on your online account.

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There are lots of spying functions but the most prominent ones are these four. You can know more about XySpy from the site. You will thus make choice whether you really need this app or not.